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Symone Sanders Blames Mollie Tibbetts Death on ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Symone Sanders made a ridiculous tweet blaming the murder of Mollie Tibbett’s on ‘toxic masculinity’ … claiming that this had nothing to do with illegal immigration and everything to do with the fact that men just can’t take no for an answer.  She promptly gets called out by the internet for … being an idiot.  Continue reading “Symone Sanders Blames Mollie Tibbetts Death on ‘Toxic Masculinity’”

Donald Trump Jr. Embarrasses Michael Moore Over Idiotic Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. just laid the smackdown with a single reply to an idiotic tweet by Michael Moore.  Not a day goes by where Michael Moore doesn’t take to twitter to show how anti-Trump he is-  A very rare and bold position to take out of Hollywood these days, of course.  With Irma ripping through Florida, and people seeking refuge in other states, Michael thought it would be an opportune time to take a shot at the president.  Continue reading “Donald Trump Jr. Embarrasses Michael Moore Over Idiotic Tweet”


This is what happens when virtue signalling meets mass hysteria.  Sarah Silverman mistook some construction markings on the ground for an attempt at “Neo Nazis” spray-painting swastikas… The internet let her have it, and Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars pulled no punches in this video. WATCH:  Continue reading “SARAH SILVERMAN’S SWASTIKA MELTDOWN”

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