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Trump supporters have joined forces to combat the screeching autism of the Antifa basement dwellers, and the footage is nothing short of amazing.  Watch as flag waiving, shield wielding patriots go toe to toe with malnourished unemployed professional complainers as they battle for Berkeley.  Continue reading “THE BATTLE FOR BERKELEY”

BuzzFeed HACKED By Kekistani Activists!

“BuzzFeed is a failing piece of shit run by Satan worshipers, all hail God Emperor Trump. Praise Kek” – BuzzFeed.  That’s right, Buzzfeed’s website was HACKED by Kekistani Activists, publishing at least 2 articles. One of the articles was quickly removed, but not before this glorious screen shot was snapped.   Continue reading “BuzzFeed HACKED By Kekistani Activists!”

Fearless Girl Statue Turned Into Trump Supporter

Men in ‘Make America Great Again’ hats have turned the feminist statue into a Trump supporter.  She looked dashing and brave draped in an American flag and glorious red MAGA hat.  She even had a sign reading “Vets Before Illegals,” showing how supportive of our vets she is.  This is a patriotic move, and her message is now much more strong and honorable.   Continue reading “Fearless Girl Statue Turned Into Trump Supporter”

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