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The Transgender Ban Ft. Freddy From @Stop_The_Left | The Meninsms Podcast EP 32

Welcome back! We have finally returned for the 32nd episode of The Meninisms Podcast. In this episode, we have a fiery discussion on the transgender military ban. We are joined by the great, Freddy from Stop The Left who traveled all the way from New York to speak to you live. We also go LIVE on Instagram for a Q&A session, which was a huge mistake, but we did it anyways. Follow, subscribe and be sure to leave a glowing review! Continue reading “The Transgender Ban Ft. Freddy From @Stop_The_Left | The Meninsms Podcast EP 32”

ANTIFA Tranny Starts Fight During Feeble Protest – Immediately Loses

GET UP, BRUCE.  This Antifa tranny was acting very unlady-like (no surprise), and got in the face of a gentleman, who was not intimidated by this very un-intimidating group of Antifa beta males.  When this man didn’t back down, even after multiple requests from this confused young transgender ‘woman’, pure adrenaline and a heavy dose of testosterone took over the former man and the tranny struck the black man.  Big mistake.  He immediately retaliated and delivered a few blows to the manly jaw of the transgender woman, and down xe went.  The video is capped off by one of the frail Antifa members yelling “get off of her!”  … which confused all of us for a brief moment… for obvious reasons. WATCH:  Continue reading “ANTIFA Tranny Starts Fight During Feeble Protest – Immediately Loses”

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Wildly Embarrassed To Be a Democrat

Well, if you clicked this link, it must be because you’re a conservative who is curious about how in the world I managed to narrow this list down to only 10 reasons that democrats should be insanely embarrassed about their own political beliefs.. or maybe you’re a democrat, and you’re looking for answers about why you’re so embarrassed to be yourself.  Or perhaps you’re an alien, tapping in from outer space, because while studying and trying to understand the human race from a far before taking over the world, you’ve gotten a grasp on every living being on earth… but can’t quite wrap your giant alien head around the regressive “progressives” and the insane screeching leftists.  Well, fear not, conservatives, leftists and barbaric aliens, here are 10 reasons why democrats should be wildly embarrassed to be democrats, in no particular order.   Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Be Wildly Embarrassed To Be a Democrat”

Transgender “Mom” Featured in Dove Soap Ad is Baby’s Biological Father – @MarkDice

Dove soap commercial features new mothers with their babies, and includes a transgender woman who is the biological father of the baby, but identifies as the child’s mother. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Continue reading “Transgender “Mom” Featured in Dove Soap Ad is Baby’s Biological Father – @MarkDice”

DNC Advisor Turns Into a Stuttering Fool When Tucker Asks About Science

Tucker Carlson backed DNC advisor, Zak Petkanas into a corner… that little corner that liberals selectively avoid… that corner is usually full of common sense and facts.  Zak turned into a stuttering mess when he was baffled by some of the most simple questions.  The left claims to be the ‘party of science,’ but will high-tail it away from the connection between transgenders and science at the first sign of the incoming reality.  WATCH Continue reading “DNC Advisor Turns Into a Stuttering Fool When Tucker Asks About Science”

Ben Shapiro Humiliates Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion Leftist

Ben Shapiro has done it again.  For some reason, these leftists continue to attempt to take down Ben, and they continue to fail… Miserably.  A Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion leftist stepped up to the mic and kindly provided Shapiro with a set of liberal bowling pins to kick across the room, and he does not disappoint.  She brings up the usual talking points about Trans-gender issues and abortion rights, and you can see Ben’s eyes light up as he unloads on the poor SJW.  Enjoy Continue reading “Ben Shapiro Humiliates Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion Leftist”

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