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Norm Makes Fallon’s Snowflake Producers Cry

Norm MacDonald dared to speak up against the insanity of the #MeToo movement, among other hot button issues that seem to come with a zero tolerance policy in today’s politically correct outrage culture.  Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire slams Jimmy Fallon for cutting comedian Norm MacDonald from his show. WATCH:  Continue reading “Norm Makes Fallon’s Snowflake Producers Cry”

Student Lashes Out After Being Filmed Vandalizing Posters

Multiple students recently vandalized advertisements for an upcoming pro-life event at the University of Florida, but campus police were hesitant to pin them for any wrong-doing.  In fact, video obtained by Campus Reform shows police officers responding to concerns from students hosting the upcoming “Exposing Margaret Sanger” event by suggesting that once an advertisement is posted in the school’s free-speech zone it “is no longer yours,” and therefore subject to defacement by passersby. Continue reading “Student Lashes Out After Being Filmed Vandalizing Posters”

WATCH: Tucker Carlson VS Liberal Snowflake Defending Flag Burning

Here is a young liberal student who is very offended by the American flag. He claims that it represents oppression and blood money, and his college has ordered all American flags be removed from campus to avoid micro-aggressions. Tucker attempts to talk some sense into the young snowflake, but some skulls are a bit too thick and ‘oppressed’ to embrace logic. Continue reading “WATCH: Tucker Carlson VS Liberal Snowflake Defending Flag Burning”

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