GET UP, BRUCE.  This Antifa tranny was acting very unlady-like (no surprise), and got in the face of a gentleman, who was not intimidated by this very un-intimidating group of Antifa beta males.  When this man didn’t back down, even after multiple requests from this confused young transgender ‘woman’, pure adrenaline and a heavy dose of testosterone took over the former man and the tranny struck the black man.  Big mistake.  He immediately retaliated and delivered a few blows to the manly jaw of the transgender woman, and down xe went.  The video is capped off by one of the frail Antifa members yelling “get off of her!”  … which confused all of us for a brief moment… for obvious reasons. WATCH:  Continue reading “ANTIFA Tranny Starts Fight During Feeble Protest – Immediately Loses”