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ANTIFA Get BEAT By Trump Supporters And Attacked By Dogs | Huntington Beach, CA

The funny thing about frail snowflakes who emerge from their mothers basement to protest freedom is: when they encounter real men, they get their asses handed to them.  Their quickness to “punch a nazi” without a shred of evidence that the people they want to punch are actually nazis is what has led to this kind of response.  Badass Americans protecting their own rights, and fighting back.   Continue reading “ANTIFA Get BEAT By Trump Supporters And Attacked By Dogs | Huntington Beach, CA”


Trump Protesters Invade Rally And Fail

Another great video of Trump protesters failing to make a difference.  Video by InfoWars

WATCH: Continue reading “Trump Protesters Invade Rally And Fail”

Badass Fed Ex Hero Stops Pathetic Protesters From Burning Flag

Ballsy move here. This Fed Ex guy saw a bunch of snowflakes trying to set some American flags on fire, and he stepped in. Massively outnumbered, he didn’t seem phased by these puny whiny anti-trump protesters, and snatched up the flags before they could light them up. Then he came back and did it again. Hopefully he doesn’t lose his job over this. Hero of the day. Continue reading “Badass Fed Ex Hero Stops Pathetic Protesters From Burning Flag”

WATCH: Ben Shapiro VS Crying Protesters

Ben Shapiro was interrupted multiple times by a group of whiny social justice warriors, who were taking a stand against… free speech at the University of Wisconsin this week. Watch the chaos unfold Continue reading “WATCH: Ben Shapiro VS Crying Protesters”

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