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Mike Pence Obliterates Tim Kaine in VP Debate

Last night, the VP candidates sat down to square off in the one and only Vice Presidential debate.  It didn’t take long for Tim Kaine to hit the panic button and cite Donald Trumps tax returns 497 times.  Kaine was stumped and quickly tried to pivot when attempting to defend Clinton’s failures on foreign policy.  Mike Pence was in control the entire night, and for that, he gets the big W.   Continue reading “Mike Pence Obliterates Tim Kaine in VP Debate”

D’Souza Obliterates Leftist Professor During Q&A Session

The democratic party has always been the racist party.  Liberal professors will try to tell you otherwise, but these are historical facts.  Dinesh D’Souza does a beautiful job of explaining what really happened and what is still happening today.  Continue reading “D’Souza Obliterates Leftist Professor During Q&A Session”

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