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Artist Adds Dog Statue Pissing on ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue | Feminists Melt Down 

Alex Gardega, a city sculpter has triggered every feminist in the world.  Women rejoiced and boasted when the ‘fearless girl’ was constructed and they considered it a huge win for feminists, as it showed a fearless girl standing up to the iconic NY bull statue. Well Alex found this statue insulting to the original statue, as it undermines the meaning of the bull, so he gave them a taste of their own medicine. Urine. Feminism tastes like dog urine. Gardega constructed a small statue of a dog to stand next to the fearless girl, and fearlessly urinate on her leg.  Continue reading “Artist Adds Dog Statue Pissing on ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue | Feminists Melt Down “

Milo Yiannopoulos: “Islam Hates Gays” | NEW Sky News Interview

Milo set the record straight (no pun intended) on the difference between how Christians treat gays VS how Muslims treat gays.  One group is embracing and forgiving, one group tosses them off of roofs.  Milo goes into depth on this new interview with Sky News.   Continue reading “Milo Yiannopoulos: “Islam Hates Gays” | NEW Sky News Interview”

Explosive New Trey Gowdy Interview

Trey Gowdy is back and slamming Hillary Clinton for lying under oath, in light of additional evidence already brought forward by the new FBI investigation.  Trey calls for an independent special prosecutor instead of the DOJ.. only issue?  The special prosecutor would be appointed by the Attorney General.  Check out the full interview here: Continue reading “Explosive New Trey Gowdy Interview”

Mel Gibson’s Comeback Movie Looks Bad Ass – Blood Father

Mel Gibson is at his best when he’s getting revenge of some sort for some kind of wrong-doing to his family (Braveheart, Payback, The Patriot etc)… not so much when he’s hurling racist slurs at his wife over the phone.  But here’s some good news:  Mel has a new movie coming out where he is getting some sort of revenge, fighting for his daughter… and it looks bad ass.  Welcome back, Mr. Gibson.. I hope this movie is as good as the trailer. Continue reading “Mel Gibson’s Comeback Movie Looks Bad Ass – Blood Father”

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