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WATCH: Breitbart Editor Embarrasses Entire CNN Panel

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Breitbart senior editor-at-large and in-house counsel Joel Pollak took on host Don Lemon, former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and Endeavor Strategies president and CEO Kurt Bardella over President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of former Breitbart executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon’s appointment as White House chief strategist and senior counselor. Continue reading “WATCH: Breitbart Editor Embarrasses Entire CNN Panel”


ANTI-TRUMP Protester On Highway Gets OWNED By Car

Why aren’t there crosswalks on highways?  Why are there signs saying ‘no pedestrians’ … well that’s because highways are for cars… not crybaby liberals protesting because they lost an election.  Well, protester, meet: car.  Can’t say I’m surprised.   Continue reading “ANTI-TRUMP Protester On Highway Gets OWNED By Car”

WATCH: Wanda Sykes Has Meltdown Over Trump – Gets Booed

Apparently Wanda Sykes didn’t learn from Amy Schumer’s failure on stage not long ago. Amy and Wanda have one thing in common: they aren’t funny. Besides not being funny, they don’t hide their hatred for anything that doesn’t fall into line with their liberal nonsense. Now they have another thing in common: They both have been booed by stadiums full of people who didn’t find their political rants funny at all. Continue reading “WATCH: Wanda Sykes Has Meltdown Over Trump – Gets Booed”

WATCH: THE BEST OF Mainstream Media Being WRONG About Trump

The video you’ve all been waiting for.  There is no shortage of the mainstream media being WRONG about everything that led up to the election of President Donald J. Trump.  Donald has never held back when letting know everyone just how wrong they are… well we have a treat for you, a highlight real of just some of the times the media was wrong, and Donald letting you know what the verdict is.   Continue reading “WATCH: THE BEST OF Mainstream Media Being WRONG About Trump”

Clinton Couldn’t Disappear Without Faking One Last Encounter For Sympathy

This photo is floating around social media today and people keep sharing it as if it matters.  Now us critics of Hillary have kicked back, grabbed some popcorn and have been enjoying watching the complete meltdown of the left.  Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is still attempting to make Hillary look human.  Remember on 9/11 of this year, after she collapsed from pneumonia, when a 6 year old girl managed to bust through the secret service to hug the contagious woman?  Yeah that was staged… and here we go again, another pathetic hoax.  Continue reading “Clinton Couldn’t Disappear Without Faking One Last Encounter For Sympathy”

WATCH: Triggered Feminists & SJW Fails Compilation #1

Ah yes, triggered feminists and social justice warriors, enraged Hillary supporters galore. Enjoy this cringeworthy compilation of the most fragile of human beings: The Feminazis. Continue reading “WATCH: Triggered Feminists & SJW Fails Compilation #1”

WATCH: ULTIMATE Crying Hillary Supporters Compilation

Allow us a moment to gloat. Allow us 4 years to gloat. This is what made it all worth it. Cry it out, #NotMyPresident-ers, nothing you can do now. Enjoy this ultimate crying Hillary supporters compilation, and be sure to subscribe to our glorious YouTube channel below Continue reading “WATCH: ULTIMATE Crying Hillary Supporters Compilation”

Watch: High School Girl Viciously Attacked For Supporting Donald Trump

What happened to #LoveTrumpsHate?  This looks more like ‘hate leads to assaulting innocent trump supporters.’  What was the crime of this innocent high school student?  She posted on instagram that she hoped Donald Trump would win the election.  Nothing racist, nothing hate filled, just support for a presidential candidate (one who won, by the way).. and she gets attacked for it.   Continue reading “Watch: High School Girl Viciously Attacked For Supporting Donald Trump”

WATCH: Miley Cyrus Meltdown – Comes To Terms With Trump Presidency

Miley Cyrus was one of the several celebrities who promised to move to Canada in the event that Donald Trump won the election.  Well, my friends… as we all know, Trump is now President-Elect.  Miley shot a video of her reaction, and honestly… it wasn’t that bad.  She seems to have some high hopes for Trump, even while in mourning that the first female president will NOT be Hillary Clinton. Continue reading “WATCH: Miley Cyrus Meltdown – Comes To Terms With Trump Presidency”

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