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Illegal Immigrant Who Killed 2 Women Has Been Deported 8 Times

How do you tell when it’s time for some real immigration reform? When an illegal immigrant who’s been deported eight times kills two women in a drunken hit and run.

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Idiot Feminist Believes Men Can Get Pregnant

I saw a video on YouTube by a silly feminist and it raised the question “should men have a say in abortion?” She pointed out that they should because not only women can get pregnant. She explains:

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Laura Ingraham Humiliates a Very Deserving Juan Williams…

Juan Williams went there.  Juan Williams was willfully waiting for a witty walloping in Washington.  That’s right.  Laura Ingraham took down Juan for using terms like “radical” to describe Trumps choices and let him know that this is exactly what people despise about Washington.  Watch the exchange below  Continue reading “Laura Ingraham Humiliates a Very Deserving Juan Williams…”

WATCH: Ben Shapiro VS Crying Protesters

Ben Shapiro was interrupted multiple times by a group of whiny social justice warriors, who were taking a stand against… free speech at the University of Wisconsin this week. Watch the chaos unfold Continue reading “WATCH: Ben Shapiro VS Crying Protesters”

WATCH: Smug Pollster Vowed To Eat a Bug If Trump Wins… Eats Bug

Well… this guy was a good sport. Before the election, he predicted that Trump had ‘no clear path to victory.’ In fact, he was so sure about his prediction, that he vowed to eat a bug on live TV if he was wrong. Well… as you know, much like the rest of the pollsters…. he was wrong. A promise is a promise, so here he is.. eating a bug on live TV. Continue reading “WATCH: Smug Pollster Vowed To Eat a Bug If Trump Wins… Eats Bug”

Tucker Carlson SCHOOLS 2 Electors Who Are Attempting Stop Trump

For those who don’t know exactly how the electoral college works, don’t worry… you’re not as bad as the liberal brats having a collective temper tantrum in the streets. To make a long story short, when you vote, you are voting for electors. It’s then the electors job to elect the president on December 19th. That’s when it’s finalized. Usually this is not a problem, however the founding fathers put the electoral college into place to prevent someone who is ‘unfit for office’ from running the country. Some (not us) think Trump fits the description of ‘unfit to rule,’ and 2 of them joined Tucker Carlson for an interview. Tucker schools these butt hurt electors. Continue reading “Tucker Carlson SCHOOLS 2 Electors Who Are Attempting Stop Trump”

Bill Burr Destroys The Concept Of “White Privilege”

Comedian Bill Burr destroys the concept of “White Privilege” in this clip from his podcast.  #TriggerWarning: COMMON SENSE INCOMING – The bottom line? White Privilege is a racist stereotype, and a fascistic tool used by the left to silence anyone with a differing point of view, because of the color of their skin. It’s a collectivist concept, and it’s garbage. Bill explains this in a much funnier way. Listen. Continue reading “Bill Burr Destroys The Concept Of “White Privilege””

WATCH: Breitbart Editor Embarrasses Entire CNN Panel

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Breitbart senior editor-at-large and in-house counsel Joel Pollak took on host Don Lemon, former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and Endeavor Strategies president and CEO Kurt Bardella over President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of former Breitbart executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon’s appointment as White House chief strategist and senior counselor. Continue reading “WATCH: Breitbart Editor Embarrasses Entire CNN Panel”

ANTI-TRUMP Protester On Highway Gets OWNED By Car

Why aren’t there crosswalks on highways?  Why are there signs saying ‘no pedestrians’ … well that’s because highways are for cars… not crybaby liberals protesting because they lost an election.  Well, protester, meet: car.  Can’t say I’m surprised.   Continue reading “ANTI-TRUMP Protester On Highway Gets OWNED By Car”

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