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TRIGGERED: Leftist Coward Leaves Note Complaining About Christmas Music

FOX NEWSST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A restaurant owner posted a photo of a note that said Christmas music playing at the St. Augustine business was offensive.The note read: “Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing ‘holiday’ music or less religious themed.” It was left at Michael’s Tasting Room in St. Augustine, according to a Facebook post by chef Michael Lugo.

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The Liberal’s Guide To Losing An Election

Even before I was a Trump supporter I remember thinking to myself how amusing it would be to watch all of my liberal friends absolutely lose their delicate minds over a trump victory. Well, it’s been two weeks since we the people, myself included, voted Mr. Donald Trump into office and that’s exactly what’s happening.

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Triggered SJW Demands Student Remove “Make America Great Again” Because It’s ‘Hate Speech’

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS GUY IS WEARING A HAT.  Did you know that 75% of the letters in the word “HATE” are H-A-T?  Not only is it a HAT.. but it’s a RED HAT.  But what words are on this red hat (keep in mind that red is the same color as murder blood)?  Well, I’ll tell you… the words on this young fascists hat were “make america great again”… THE NERVE!  Continue reading “Triggered SJW Demands Student Remove “Make America Great Again” Because It’s ‘Hate Speech’”

D’Souza Obliterates Leftist Professor During Q&A Session

The democratic party has always been the racist party.  Liberal professors will try to tell you otherwise, but these are historical facts.  Dinesh D’Souza does a beautiful job of explaining what really happened and what is still happening today.  Continue reading “D’Souza Obliterates Leftist Professor During Q&A Session”

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