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Tucker VS Gun Control Activist, Joshua Horwitz | Chicago’s Restrictive Laws

WATCH: Tucker Carlson sat down with a Gun Control activist to debate the topic of restrictive gun laws in Chicago and its impact (or lack there of) on the murder rate.  Do stricter firearm laws save lives?  Well after 762 murders took place in one of the cities with the most strict gun laws… that’s a tough one to argue.  Continue reading “Tucker VS Gun Control Activist, Joshua Horwitz | Chicago’s Restrictive Laws”

Common Sense Gun Control DEBUNKED – Watch How Uninformed People Really Are

With all the hype around ‘common sense gun control’, Steven Crowder and Not Gay Jared took to the streets to see just how much people actually knew about the hot topic.  They set up a booth for “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform” or CCFCSGR for short, where they had a display of semi-automatic “assault rifles” and handguns for the public to stop by and see.   Continue reading “Common Sense Gun Control DEBUNKED – Watch How Uninformed People Really Are”

Steven Crowder SCHOOLS SkyNews Reporter On Gun Control


It’s not every day that you see a liberal news anchor get called out for completely lying on his own show, but Steven Crowder did just that.  When the Sky News reporter brought up automatic weapons, then refused to correct himself, it was all downhill from there.. then while he was down, Crowder kept kicking.   Continue reading “Steven Crowder SCHOOLS SkyNews Reporter On Gun Control”

56 Million Reasons NOT To Ban Guns

In the wake of the islamic terror attack in Orland Florida, members of the left-winged media have promptly taken their stand on top of the graves of the 49 innocent Americans who were shot and killed by muslim extremist, Omar Mateen.  Instead of blaming the killer, the media wants to blame the NRA and the gun.  Because if AR-15s are legal… they can just walk right into a gay nightclub and shoot everyone in sight. Continue reading “56 Million Reasons NOT To Ban Guns”

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