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Stop Lying About Google “Anti-Diversity” Memo | Gavin McInnes

A Google tech was just fired for daring to question the assumption that we need more gender diversity in tech. Anyone who says it was an “anti-diversity” screed is lying.  The CEO of Google is being dishonest when he fired this tech and the media reporting on the story has likely not even read it.  The interoffice memo he wrote is remarkably benign; It points to data that says men tend to be more attracted to this kind of work. – – Gavin McInnes dives into the details in his new video
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Another Corrupt Democrat: Donna Brazile Forced To Resign

As the Democratic party destroys itself just days before the election, another major player has been forced to resign.  WikiLeaks recently exposed Donna Brazile, who provided Hillary Clinton with questions before the town hall debate.  She initially denied these reports, claiming that the emails were not authentic… but then the fact checkers (who Clinton seemed to love before now) came in and proved otherwise, stating that after multiple tests, the emails came back completely legit.  Well it looks like her comfy job at CNN won’t be waiting for her when she goes back, because CNN was not amused.  Continue reading “Another Corrupt Democrat: Donna Brazile Forced To Resign”

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