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EU elites out to crush Le Pen | Rebel Media

Via TheRebel.Media

So, there you have it — Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have emerged triumphant from Sunday’s first round of the French presidential election.  Macron, the man the Guardian calls a “centrist” — when he isn’t (he was once the economy minister in Francois Hollande’s vividly unpopular socialist government) — and Le Pen, the National Front leader, secured 23.75 per cent and 21.53 per cent of votes respectively. Continue reading “EU elites out to crush Le Pen | Rebel Media”

#HeteroSexualPrideDay Trends: Triggering Intensifies

Today was #HeteroSexualPrideDay, according to some bold trolls who decided to trigger the ‘tolerant party’… And since the ‘tolerant party’ is so tolerant, you would expect them to celebrate this day of tolerance with their… tolerance. Continue reading “#HeteroSexualPrideDay Trends: Triggering Intensifies”

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