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Obama’s Depart of Justice Tried To Influence The Election. Not The Russians.

As the leftwing media’s narrative about ‘President Trump being tied to Russia’ continues to crumble and still lacks any evidence whatsoever, actual facts with evidence continue to surface about who really attempted to influence the election.  Obama’s DOJ continues to be exposed as the corrupt bunch that they were, whether it’s Loretta Lynch’s attempt to downgrade the “investigation” into Hillary to a “matter”, or James Comey admitting under oath that HE was the source of at least one leak, it’s becoming more and more clear that the Department of Justice under president Obama attempted to influence the outcome of the election, and there is actually evidence to back it up.   Continue reading “Obama’s Depart of Justice Tried To Influence The Election. Not The Russians.”

The Truth About Macron | Paul Joseph Watson

This effete manlet may look like a complete pussy, but he’s a nasty little globalist.  Paul Joseph Watson of has the story.  WATCH:  Continue reading “The Truth About Macron | Paul Joseph Watson”

EU elites out to crush Le Pen | Rebel Media

Via TheRebel.Media

So, there you have it — Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have emerged triumphant from Sunday’s first round of the French presidential election.  Macron, the man the Guardian calls a “centrist” — when he isn’t (he was once the economy minister in Francois Hollande’s vividly unpopular socialist government) — and Le Pen, the National Front leader, secured 23.75 per cent and 21.53 per cent of votes respectively. Continue reading “EU elites out to crush Le Pen | Rebel Media”

Le Pen Could Win Election As a Result of ‘The Great Meme War’ – BBC

The Great Meme War, which helped president Donald Trump win back in November is having its impact in the French election, according to the BBC.  Perhaps the election of Trump was just one great battle won in The Great Meme War, aka TGMW, aka WWMeme, AKA … the Kekistani Revolution… ok I made all those up.  Here’s what’s being said across the pond.  Continue reading “Le Pen Could Win Election As a Result of ‘The Great Meme War’ – BBC”

Nigel Farage Joins Tucker Carlson To Talk About Why The Left Blames Russia

The mastermind of the #Brexit movement, leader of the Leave Party, leaver of the EU, emperor to the throne of awesomeness, stopper of terror migrants, globalism smashing god king, Nigel Farage joined the SJW exposing, socialism destroying, Liberal snowflake melter, Tucker Carlson to talk about why the left continues to blame Russia for their own failures.  WATCH:  Continue reading “Nigel Farage Joins Tucker Carlson To Talk About Why The Left Blames Russia”

The Liberal’s Guide To Losing An Election

Even before I was a Trump supporter I remember thinking to myself how amusing it would be to watch all of my liberal friends absolutely lose their delicate minds over a trump victory. Well, it’s been two weeks since we the people, myself included, voted Mr. Donald Trump into office and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Continue reading “The Liberal’s Guide To Losing An Election”

WATCH: Smug Pollster Vowed To Eat a Bug If Trump Wins… Eats Bug

Well… this guy was a good sport. Before the election, he predicted that Trump had ‘no clear path to victory.’ In fact, he was so sure about his prediction, that he vowed to eat a bug on live TV if he was wrong. Well… as you know, much like the rest of the pollsters…. he was wrong. A promise is a promise, so here he is.. eating a bug on live TV. Continue reading “WATCH: Smug Pollster Vowed To Eat a Bug If Trump Wins… Eats Bug”

Watch: High School Girl Viciously Attacked For Supporting Donald Trump

What happened to #LoveTrumpsHate?  This looks more like ‘hate leads to assaulting innocent trump supporters.’  What was the crime of this innocent high school student?  She posted on instagram that she hoped Donald Trump would win the election.  Nothing racist, nothing hate filled, just support for a presidential candidate (one who won, by the way).. and she gets attacked for it.   Continue reading “Watch: High School Girl Viciously Attacked For Supporting Donald Trump”

The Uneducated Voters


By Democratic Dave

Well, the election is over and no glass ceilings have been broken, which is good because typically when glass ceilings break, shards of broken glass rain down on the people standing beneath it. Forget Donald trumps policies and his character for a minute; just my Facebook feed full of crying liberals this morning has made standing in line at the polls worth it.

Continue reading “The Uneducated Voters”

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