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Illegal Immigrant Who Killed 2 Women Has Been Deported 8 Times

How do you tell when it’s time for some real immigration reform? When an illegal immigrant who’s been deported eight times kills two women in a drunken hit and run.

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The Liberal’s Guide To Losing An Election

Even before I was a Trump supporter I remember thinking to myself how amusing it would be to watch all of my liberal friends absolutely lose their delicate minds over a trump victory. Well, it’s been two weeks since we the people, myself included, voted Mr. Donald Trump into office and that’s exactly what’s happening.

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Wikileaks EXPOSES Clinton Campaign Of Rigging Primaries – 20k Fresh Emails

As we prepare ourselves for the cringeworthy apology-fest (the Democratic National Convention), where democratic nominee for relentlessly corrupt president, Hillary Clinton is set to accept the nomination, what would be more fitting than another new email scandal?  Well,thanks to Wikileaks, we have 20,000 fresh emails pointing to more corruption within the democratic establishment and Crooked Hillary.  This time, these emails directly connect Hillary’s campaign with various media outlets, controlling narrative and derailing her only competition, Bernie Sanders.   Continue reading “Wikileaks EXPOSES Clinton Campaign Of Rigging Primaries – 20k Fresh Emails”

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