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Feminists GET OWNED – Compilation 2016 (Cringe & Karma)

Feminists GET OWNED in this Fail & Cringe Compilation.  WATCH:  Continue reading “Feminists GET OWNED – Compilation 2016 (Cringe & Karma)”


WATCH: Triggered Feminists & SJW Fails Compilation #1

Ah yes, triggered feminists and social justice warriors, enraged Hillary supporters galore. Enjoy this cringeworthy compilation of the most fragile of human beings: The Feminazis. Continue reading “WATCH: Triggered Feminists & SJW Fails Compilation #1”

WATCH: ULTIMATE Crying Hillary Supporters Compilation

Allow us a moment to gloat. Allow us 4 years to gloat. This is what made it all worth it. Cry it out, #NotMyPresident-ers, nothing you can do now. Enjoy this ultimate crying Hillary supporters compilation, and be sure to subscribe to our glorious YouTube channel below Continue reading “WATCH: ULTIMATE Crying Hillary Supporters Compilation”

Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Off Guests To Protect Hillary

If the #DNCleaks weren’t enough proof that CNN & MSNBC were in Hillary’s back pocket, here is a compilation of some of the times these networks have cut off guests who came on their show and dared to talk about Hillary Clinton’s scandals.  Donald Trump says a lot of crazy things, but the FACT that the media covers up for the Clintons is no conspiracy theory at all. Continue reading “Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Off Guests To Protect Hillary”

CHALLENGE: Can You Last 10 Minutes Watching These Idiotic Feminists?

My god, this might be the most difficult challenge we’ve posted yet.  These feminists take it to a whole new level.  What’s worse than a feminist making a video full of made up statistics?  Dragging kids into it and having them use foul language for shock-value.   Because we all know, if you’re basing your movement on lies, all you have to do is get some kids to say some swears and that’ll really wake people up.  Just when you thought the feminists couldn’t get any lower, they lower the bar yet again.  Good luck! Continue reading “CHALLENGE: Can You Last 10 Minutes Watching These Idiotic Feminists?”

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