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WATCH: Wanda Sykes Has Meltdown Over Trump – Gets Booed

Apparently Wanda Sykes didn’t learn from Amy Schumer’s failure on stage not long ago. Amy and Wanda have one thing in common: they aren’t funny. Besides not being funny, they don’t hide their hatred for anything that doesn’t fall into line with their liberal nonsense. Now they have another thing in common: They both have been booed by stadiums full of people who didn’t find their political rants funny at all. Continue reading “WATCH: Wanda Sykes Has Meltdown Over Trump – Gets Booed”

WATCH: Trigger-Free Trick or Treat – by Lauren Southern

As the country collapses around us to the tyranny of social justice warriors and their enablers, it’s time for us all to take a look in the mirror and think: how will every single halloween costume be deemed offensive by leftists?  Thankfully Lauren Southern has put together a guide to a trigger-free halloween.  #EducateYourself.  #CheckYourPrivilege Continue reading “WATCH: Trigger-Free Trick or Treat – by Lauren Southern”

Watch: Donald Trump’s Roast Of Hillary Was Magnificent

This was amazing.  Donald Trump got an opportunity to roast Hillary Clinton to her face at the Al Smith charity dinner, and he took full advantage.  The Donald started off with some friendly jokes, which had the crowd cheering and clapping… then things took a dark turn.  Some people in the crowd began booing Trump when he started talking about how crooked Hillary is.  Donald even dropped an extremely edgy joke about how the Clintons screwed Haiti, and poked fun at his own wife for ripping off Michelle Obama’s speech.  Comedy gold.. and sadly true.  Continue reading “Watch: Donald Trump’s Roast Of Hillary Was Magnificent”

Cenk Uygur Freak-Out Meltdown! (The Young Turks Parody) – by @Scrowder

One of our favorite talkshow hosts, Steven Crowder dropped a hilarious parody video of The Young Turks, and it’s perfect.  Watch Cenk Uygur lose his shit several times and take a short bacon grease break to refuel mid-show.   Continue reading “Cenk Uygur Freak-Out Meltdown! (The Young Turks Parody) – by @Scrowder”

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