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Kaepernick BENCHED After The Worst Performance of All Time.

By Jesse Wilkins

Colin Kaepernick, one of the most talked about athletes of the year, just took his biggest “L” yet.  Not only has he lost every single game this year, not only did he praise one of the greatest oppressors in the last 100 years, while “taking a stand against oppression,” but he just got benched in the 4th quarter vs Chicago, after throwing for literally 4 YARDS THE ENTIRE GAME.   Continue reading “Kaepernick BENCHED After The Worst Performance of All Time.”

South Park Mocks Colin Kaepernick In Hilarious New Video

So the new season of South Park kicks off tonight, and they weren’t pulling any punches with their teaser.  The show dedicated its entire last season to making fun of PC culture, and this season looks like they are taking on the most sensitive of subjects:  Black Lives Matter.   Continue reading “South Park Mocks Colin Kaepernick In Hilarious New Video”

Kid Rock Yells “F*CK COLIN KAEPERNICK” During Concert

Kid Rock is the shit.  Love this dude.  I can’t stand country music, but Kid Rock’s mix of country / rock / rap / classic southern rock-ness is just enough of a perfect mix of everything that I’m not a huge fan of to make me a huge fan of it.  Kid Rock is the essence of American redneck fuck-yeah music and he just had the most American fuck-yeah moment of his career.   Continue reading “Kid Rock Yells “F*CK COLIN KAEPERNICK” During Concert”

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