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Another Muslim Attack | Another Meaningless Hashtag #LondonBridge

Sitting at Camden Yard watching the Redsox beat the Orioles last night, I caught wind of the London terrorist attacks.

The group of guys I was with briefly discussed the circumstances, and then our attention returned to the game. You’d think something as serious as a terrorist attack would elicit more of a response, but sadly; these events have become the norm.  Continue reading “Another Muslim Attack | Another Meaningless Hashtag #LondonBridge”

Kid Rock Yells “F*CK COLIN KAEPERNICK” During Concert

Kid Rock is the shit.  Love this dude.  I can’t stand country music, but Kid Rock’s mix of country / rock / rap / classic southern rock-ness is just enough of a perfect mix of everything that I’m not a huge fan of to make me a huge fan of it.  Kid Rock is the essence of American redneck fuck-yeah music and he just had the most American fuck-yeah moment of his career.   Continue reading “Kid Rock Yells “F*CK COLIN KAEPERNICK” During Concert”

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