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ANTIFA Tranny Starts Fight During Feeble Protest – Immediately Loses

GET UP, BRUCE.  This Antifa tranny was acting very unlady-like (no surprise), and got in the face of a gentleman, who was not intimidated by this very un-intimidating group of Antifa beta males.  When this man didn’t back down, even after multiple requests from this confused young transgender ‘woman’, pure adrenaline and a heavy dose of testosterone took over the former man and the tranny struck the black man.  Big mistake.  He immediately retaliated and delivered a few blows to the manly jaw of the transgender woman, and down xe went.  The video is capped off by one of the frail Antifa members yelling “get off of her!”  … which confused all of us for a brief moment… for obvious reasons. WATCH:  Continue reading “ANTIFA Tranny Starts Fight During Feeble Protest – Immediately Loses”

The Global Battle To Save Free Speech | The Rebel Media

Ezra Levant of believes free speech is the central battle across the free world. The left is on a mission to crackdown on journalists who they disagree with, and our little Canadian website is now helping to lead the free speech fight in the UK.  WATCH:  Continue reading “The Global Battle To Save Free Speech | The Rebel Media”

Based Construction Worker Loses It On ANTIFA Scum

Watching ANTIFA get tough when the police show up to protect them is pretty hilarious.  Meet: Based Construction Worker.. he’s here to remind ANTIFA that they’re “communist f*ggots” – WATCH:  Continue reading “Based Construction Worker Loses It On ANTIFA Scum”

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Wildly Embarrassed To Be a Democrat

Well, if you clicked this link, it must be because you’re a conservative who is curious about how in the world I managed to narrow this list down to only 10 reasons that democrats should be insanely embarrassed about their own political beliefs.. or maybe you’re a democrat, and you’re looking for answers about why you’re so embarrassed to be yourself.  Or perhaps you’re an alien, tapping in from outer space, because while studying and trying to understand the human race from a far before taking over the world, you’ve gotten a grasp on every living being on earth… but can’t quite wrap your giant alien head around the regressive “progressives” and the insane screeching leftists.  Well, fear not, conservatives, leftists and barbaric aliens, here are 10 reasons why democrats should be wildly embarrassed to be democrats, in no particular order.   Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Be Wildly Embarrassed To Be a Democrat”


Trump supporters have joined forces to combat the screeching autism of the Antifa basement dwellers, and the footage is nothing short of amazing.  Watch as flag waiving, shield wielding patriots go toe to toe with malnourished unemployed professional complainers as they battle for Berkeley.  Continue reading “THE BATTLE FOR BERKELEY”

ANTIFA Get BEAT By Trump Supporters And Attacked By Dogs | Huntington Beach, CA

The funny thing about frail snowflakes who emerge from their mothers basement to protest freedom is: when they encounter real men, they get their asses handed to them.  Their quickness to “punch a nazi” without a shred of evidence that the people they want to punch are actually nazis is what has led to this kind of response.  Badass Americans protecting their own rights, and fighting back.   Continue reading “ANTIFA Get BEAT By Trump Supporters And Attacked By Dogs | Huntington Beach, CA”

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