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Shia LaBeouf Arrested Again | Drunk In Public / Disorderly Conduct

Shia has had a rough year.  Between getting trolled over and over during his “He Will Not Divide Us” art project and diving to the bottom of every whisky bottle he can get his shaking hands on, LeBouf seems a bit unstable to say the least.  Well, stressed-out Shia needs his cigarettes.  After polishing off several drinks, Shia approached a person and asked for a smoke.. when he declined, Shia lost his shit and started swearing in front of women and kids.  He will not divide us.  When confronted by police, he took off into a hotel lobby where he was arrested.   Continue reading “Shia LaBeouf Arrested Again | Drunk In Public / Disorderly Conduct”


Ann Coulter VS a Room Full Of Pissed Off Single Moms

Well this got pretty tense pretty fast.  How to piss off a room full of single moms:  tell them that being a single mom is more dangerous than cigarettes for your kids.  Then back it up with stats.  These women can’t even right now.  WATCH:  Continue reading “Ann Coulter VS a Room Full Of Pissed Off Single Moms”

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