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CBC Slammed For Interviewing Gavin McInnes | Rebel Media

Ezra Levant of reports on the reaction of left-wing journalists to Gavin Mcinnes’ interview on CBC Continue reading “CBC Slammed For Interviewing Gavin McInnes | Rebel Media”

BuzzFeed HACKED By Kekistani Activists!

“BuzzFeed is a failing piece of shit run by Satan worshipers, all hail God Emperor Trump. Praise Kek” – BuzzFeed.  That’s right, Buzzfeed’s website was HACKED by Kekistani Activists, publishing at least 2 articles. One of the articles was quickly removed, but not before this glorious screen shot was snapped.   Continue reading “BuzzFeed HACKED By Kekistani Activists!”

WATCH: Cathy Newman Tries To Stump Milo – FAILS

Milo Yiannopoulos sat down with Channel 4 news for an interview with Cathy Newman this week.  She tried to get to the bottom of the motive behind the Alt-Right and their views, once again attempting to crown Milo as their leader.  Milo was able to shut down every attack from Newman as she tried to paint Breitbart as a white nationalist platform, which seems to be the mission of the panicking left-wing media.  She failed.   Continue reading “WATCH: Cathy Newman Tries To Stump Milo – FAILS”

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