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TERROR IN BERLIN: 9 DEAD As Truck Rams Into Christmas Market

News of the second terror attack of the day just broke.  This time in Berlin, Germany.  Another truck attack, as a driver plowed into a Christmas market, in what looks like another islamic terror attack.  The first attack of the day happened in Turkey, when a Russian Ambassador was assassinated on camera by a man shouting about violence in Aleppo.  Watch the graphic video here.   Continue reading “TERROR IN BERLIN: 9 DEAD As Truck Rams Into Christmas Market”

Another Idiotic Moment From Gary Johnson

Evidently, Libertarian nominee for president, Gary Johnson is an avid reader.  Rumor has it, Gary read our recent article about all of the moronic things he has said or done in interviews, and decided it would be a great idea to give us another cringe-worthy idiotic moment.   Continue reading “Another Idiotic Moment From Gary Johnson”

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