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Ben Shapiro Humiliates Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion Leftist

Ben Shapiro has done it again.  For some reason, these leftists continue to attempt to take down Ben, and they continue to fail… Miserably.  A Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion leftist stepped up to the mic and kindly provided Shapiro with a set of liberal bowling pins to kick across the room, and he does not disappoint.  She brings up the usual talking points about Trans-gender issues and abortion rights, and you can see Ben’s eyes light up as he unloads on the poor SJW.  Enjoy Continue reading “Ben Shapiro Humiliates Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion Leftist”

Paul Ryan Describes Why Govt. Should Defund Planned Parenthood

When leftists try to defend Planned Parenthood, they usually avoid the fact that its an abortion factory and pretend that defunding Planned Parenthood would leave women without access to contraceptives, sneaking through dark alleyways to buy black market morning after pills and … condoms. Because if it weren’t for planned parenthood, you would only be able to buy condoms at every CVS, gas station, convenience store, pharmacy, doctors office, hotel lobby shop, and just about everywhere you could buy a can of coke or pack of cigarettes. Well, Paul Ryan handled this question beautifully and professionally. Continue reading “Paul Ryan Describes Why Govt. Should Defund Planned Parenthood”

Lena Dunham Wishes She Had An Abortion 

Lena Dunham is the Kanye West of feminist celebrity trash. I swear she just says stupid shit to keep people talking about her in an attempt to remain relevant. I use the word “remain” loosely since she hasn’t really done anything since the unwatchable HBO series, “girls” (which was the closest thing to an abortion she’s had) aired and died due to what I assume to be an over abundance of unfunny.  Continue reading “Lena Dunham Wishes She Had An Abortion “

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