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Ep 49 – The Left Can’t Recognize a Joke

Ep 48 – Manufactured Outrage

EP 47 – Rosanne Gets Canned, Tommy Robinson Gets Jailed, Everyone’s a Hypocrite

EP 46 – Incels, Animals and No More Kneeling For the Anthem. Oh MY!

EP 45 – Crazy Vegan Shooter | Everyone Fires Kurt

EP 44 – CNN Shoots “Fully Semi Automatic” | Let’s Arm The Teachers?

EP 43 – No.. We Don’t Need More Gun Laws | Black Panther Week!

EP 42 – Memo! Shit Holes! Super Bowl 52!!

EP 41 – Bannon vs Trump, Iran vs Iranians, Feminsts vs Themselves

EP 40 – Another Rough Week of Fake NEWS From CNN ft. Freddy from Stop_The_Left

EP 39 – MSNBC Caught In a Pathetic Lie, Destroying Hysterical Leftists

EP 38 – AAH! Chainsaw Bayonets!  Hollywood is Full of Creeps

EP 37 – Nobody Respects Male feminists! – Ft. Freddy from Stop The Left

EP 36 – Las Vegas Massacre: Liberals Blame The Guns… Again.

EP 35 – Definitely Not Drunk Dave and Jesse Debate the #TakeAKnee Protest

EP 34 – Labor Day Nuclear War Special

Episode 33 – The Great Debate | VirginiaForBernie vs Democratic.Dave

Episode 32 – The Transgender Ban Ft. Freddy From @Stop_The_Left

Episode 31 – #EqualityMarch Turns Into Another Anti-Trump March.. Because They Already Have Equal Rights

Episode 30 – Bodyslamming Reporters, ‘Objectum Sexuals’ – LIVE Q&A

Episode 29 – Misgendering Cats, WWlll … whats the difference?

Episode 28 – Was Assad Behind The Chemical Attack?

Episode 27 – Jesse & Dave Talk Milo, Why Modern Feminism Isn’t Important


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