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Democratic National Convention EMPTIES OUT In Primetime!

More than 50% of the people in the building at the 2nd night of the Democratic National Convention have DESERTED the event!  Immediately after Hillary was officially announced as the nominee for president, Bernie delegates and supporters stormed out of the building, leaving a wasteland of empty seats throughout the stadium.  Over 1,800 delegates pledged their votes to Sander and the majority of them staged a walk-out, as her royal thigh-ness was declared the winner of the democratic party.  Watch the epic awkwardness below Continue reading “Democratic National Convention EMPTIES OUT In Primetime!”

[WATCH] Bernie Sanders Gets BOOED By His Own Supporters

After the #DNCleaks expose the DNC of rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders, you would expect a man who was ‘leading a revolution’ to fire back and reignite the revolution that had picked up so much steam.  But no, instead Bernie has folded and doubled down on  endorsing her royal thighness Hillary Clinton.  Bernie spoke to an angry crowd of his own supporters and delegates, and did not get the reaction he was hoping for when he urged them to vote for Clinton.  Watch below Continue reading “[WATCH] Bernie Sanders Gets BOOED By His Own Supporters”


This cell phone footage captured the moment the 18 year old Iranian-German shooter opened fire outside of a McDonalds in Munich Germany.  9 people have reportedly died in the latest of many attacks in Europe.


Watch Sheriff David Clarke Destroy #BlackLivesMatter and Don Lemon of CNN


Sheriff David Clarke takes down Black Lives Matter …and also takes out poor Don Lemon who got himself into the crosshairs, forcing him to cut to commercial to gather himself.  Watch here Continue reading “Watch Sheriff David Clarke Destroy #BlackLivesMatter and Don Lemon of CNN”

Buck Sexton Owns Idiot Liberal Professor Who Thinks ISIS Isn’t ‘Coming After Us’


via The Blaze:

– Buck Sexton, a host on TheBlaze Radio network and a CNN commentator, tore into one liberal professor late Thursday night for her progressive “knee-jerk reaction” to terror attacks.  Continue reading “Buck Sexton Owns Idiot Liberal Professor Who Thinks ISIS Isn’t ‘Coming After Us’”

This Girl DESTROYS The “I Need Feminism” Videos… again.


3rd wave feminism hate 3 things more than anything: Men, Facts and this YouTube channel.  This girl has been destroying feminism one video at a time for a while now, and this is her latest takedown video.  Enjoy: Continue reading “This Girl DESTROYS The “I Need Feminism” Videos… again.”

What We Know About The Alton Sterling Killing


Suit up, you racists.  Lets get ready for another ride on the white privilege train.  Two disturbing videos have surfaced of the shooting of Alton Sterling the other night.  The left-wing media has immediately confirmed the motive behind the shooting as -you guessed it:  pure racism.    Continue reading “What We Know About The Alton Sterling Killing”

For The People, Buy The People

For The People, Buy The People
By: Andy Belmont


Excuse me.

Liz Warren…

Are you there?

Because I’m still here.

And you know what else is still here? My massive, crushing student debt that Elizabeth Warren said she would eliminate while campaigning her way to a senate seat in Massachusetts. Continue reading “For The People, Buy The People”

Steven Crowder SCHOOLS SkyNews Reporter On Gun Control


It’s not every day that you see a liberal news anchor get called out for completely lying on his own show, but Steven Crowder did just that.  When the Sky News reporter brought up automatic weapons, then refused to correct himself, it was all downhill from there.. then while he was down, Crowder kept kicking.   Continue reading “Steven Crowder SCHOOLS SkyNews Reporter On Gun Control”

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