Little did you know…. after an entire season of WNBA games that you had no idea were being played, there was a WNBA championship game that you didn’t watch… and a team that you’ve never heard of defeated another team you’ve never heard of, in front of a crowd of approximately 32 people, made up exclusively of parents of the WNBA players who you’ve never heard of, all of which who were likely scrolling through their twitter timelines, looking at updates of actual sports scores on their phones. 

Well the players you’ve never heard of from the championship team you’ve never heard of, who play in the sport you don’t pay attention to announced that they will NOT attend the white house that they were never invited to.  No word from the president yet, as he deals with an actual storm, instead of the WNBA champions, who are likely returning to their 2 bedroom apartments and their summer jobs.  The stadium reported that cleanup from the event took a record 4 minutes, as the only mess to clean up was a newspaper and a crying towel left behind from one father, who also happened to be the only male in attendance, as his local bowling night was apparently delayed due to the hurricane.

via The Daily Wire:

In case you missed the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship last week, the Seattle Storm beat the Washington Mystics 98-82.

After the game, Storm point guard Sue Bird said the team would decline an invitation to the White House should one be offered.

“At this point does it even need to be discussed?” said Bird, a 17-year veteran, according to the Seattle Times. “It’s come up. We pay attention to what happened with Minnesota and not getting invited. … We all pay attention to what’s going on.”

But then she said, “It’s a huge disappointment. [It] used to be something that’s really special and something that was an honor and you look forward to.”

Hmm. So you’d look forward to being invited and then going to the White House, but you’re declaring that you wouldn’t accept an invitation? Yeah, OK.

Such is the liberal hatred for Trump. Last year, after winning the WNBA championship, the Minnesota Lynx was not invited to the White House, but came to D.C. to hand out shoes to low-income children. Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve said they weren’t invited because Trump hates women.

“It’s hard not to think that gender is playing a role here because of the consistency with which men’s teams are being invited and celebrated,” Reeve said, TheWashington Post reported. “I think it reflects the priorities of this particular administration.”

Trump has hosted several professional and collegiate teams since taking office, including the 2017 Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, the World Series champion Houston Astros and Stanley Cup-winning Pittsburgh Penguins. But then, teams began to get hyper political. Trump withdrew an invitation to the 2017 NBA champion Golden State Warriors when star Stephen Curry said the team wouldn’t accept.


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