Donald Courtney Biggs pleaded guilty in February to a felony count of transporting with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.  He admitted to secretly recording a minor in a bathroom.  According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, the case involved at least 2 years of recording juveniles showering, changing, using the bathroom in his home, and on church trips.  This guilty plea spared Biggs as well as dozens of victims, from a trial that would’ve likely taken weeks. 

During the sentencing, a true hero emerged to serve some swift justice.  Kevin Patrick Smith, the father of one of the victims, cleared the railing and punched Biggs square in his creepy face, sending him on a quick trip to the hospital before prison.  But no good deed goes unpunished, and 45-year-old Smith was charged with obstructing governmental or judicial administration, fourth-degree assault and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Smith’s gofundme page has already raised over $14,000, nearly tripling their original goal of $5,000, and it has the perfect title: Hero Punches Pedophile.  How can one not donate to this vigilante hero?

Via Hero Punches Pedophile GoFundMe: 

Kevin smith is what I would like to call a heroic figure, a true man of justice, an outstanding man. Wednesday August 22nd at 11 am there was a final sentencing for Donny Biggs an ex youth pastor that has been convicted for only one of several counts of child pornography. This man used his power and took advantage of middle school and high school aged girls by hiding video cameras and filming them using the restroom or taking showers. Several girls have been hurting for almost 4 years as Donny has continued to push this out (changing lawyers, and anything he could to stay in county not prison.)

Long story short Kevin (father of two of the victims) did what every person in that room wanted to. He flew like the man of steel himself and punched Donny square in the face and continued to beat him until police pulled the two apart. In all seriousness Kevin has brought a little piece justice and helped all these victims feel better. I am starting this go fund me to cover any charges he may face and just a good ol thanks for being a hero! Please donate to this great man!

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