So everyone is up in arms about the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner, as Michelle Wolf predictably went after the President, Sarah Sanders, the first lady and Mike Pence in a viral roast.  People are taking this to the next level of outrage. 
As a supporter of free speech, I support Michelle Wolf’s right to make an absolute ass out of herself.  That’s the beauty of free speech… people have the right to stand in front of a microphone and say whatever vile shit they want, that shows their true colors.  And that’s ok..  It’s better to see these people for who they are- hateful, vile, hypocritical, baby-haters.  Jokes are jokes… and bad comedy is bad comedy.

Now I can go back to not hearing Michelle Wolf’s awful screeching voice because I now know that her comedy is cheap, and almost as unbearable as her shrieking voice.  I can now avoid any comedy special or skit involving her, much like I can avoid anything involving Amy Schumer, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert, Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah (yes he’s actually considered a comedian), the entire cast of SNL … and the list goes on and on… I’m just glad she came out and showed us what she was right off the bat.  I honestly had no idea who she was before the WHCD, and I can go right back to life as it was before her garbage attempt at a roast.  You should too.  But don’t be that person who stumps for free speech, then demands an apology whenever anyone jokes about stuff you disagree with.  Let the idiots speak, and expose themselves so you don’t make the mistake of accidentally paying for their material.

The left will expose themselves as hypocrites once again as they support her and back her roast with headlines like ‘Michelle Wolf DESTROYS Sarah Sanders’ … while they simultaneously pretend to care about women and condemn anyone who dares to talk about a woman’s appearance.  They march around in their pussy hats and pretend that they stand for women, when in reality … they only stand for women who agree with their politics.  THAT is why the left will not take a step back and defend Sarah or defend the first lady… they’ll defend Wolf, because she’s attacking women that the left wants to see attacked.

Just take a brief moment and imagine the outrage if a republican stood up there and made fun of Michelle Obama.  The headline would be ‘racist bigot goes low and hurls super duper racist sexist racist attack at first lady’…  They’re the hypocrites, don’t be like them.  Support free speech and return to a life of not supporting Michelle Wolf, or garbage comedy.  Return to a life 24 hours ago, when you and the rest of America had no idea who Michelle Wolf was.  The only thing she should apologize for a lazy comedy routine, not for speaking her mind… in that god awful voice.

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