In the wake of the absolutely horrific shooting yesterday in Florida, leaving 17 innocent students dead.. CNN wasted zero time standing on the graves of these victims, once again immediately politicizing the tragedy, and jumping all over the gun control narrative.  Everyone had their piece to say about the evil AR-15s, except for Philip Mudd .. who couldn’t stop crying uncontrollably on national television to finish his thought.  Mudd needs to take some crying lessons from Chuck Schumer or Jimmy Kimmel, because this seemed even more premeditated than these other 2 clowns.  Thankfully Cryin’ Shithole Phil was able to muster up enough courage to come back on Wolf Blitzers show to slam gun control, but MORE thankfully… this pathetic human is no longer part of the CIA, since he can’t seem to control his “emotions” long enough to get through an interview with a bunch of people who share his exact same views on CNN.  We here are The Meninisms are hoping you pull it together, Philip… and of course, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families as they have to deal with this horrible situation.

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