On Sunday, a 17-year-old black teen was shot to death by North Little Rock Police Department (NLRPD), prompting precipitous reactions from people that resorted to attacking the police before the evidence was in.

Charles Smith Jr, 17 was the passenger in the vehicle pulled over by North Little Rock Police on Sunday. Police pulled the vehicle over around 1am for speeding. The video shows one officer asking the driver off-camera, “I’m catching a vibe from you, man. I’m just trying to figure it out brother. You ain’t got nothing crazy on you, do you?” to which the driver says that he didn’t. The officer pats the driver down and sits him on the curb, then does the same to the first passenger, Smith’s older brother Juaun (or some shit) Jordan. Jordan later claimed the police arbitrarily executed his brother for no reason, claiming “they just pulled up, told us to get out, tussled with him and they shot him and killed him.” The media, of course took this story and ran full speed with it, arms flailing, shrieking accusations of racial profiling. Then the video came out. Much to the chagrin of the media, you can clearly see Smith pull a gun and shoot at the officer before the officer returned fire. This one seems pretty open and shut. Better luck next time liberal media.

by: Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12



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