Welcome to the first ever edition of “Debunking Occupy Democrats”

These assholes get away with posting the most outlandish, erroneous and completely inaccurate memes, and their idiotic followers like and share them thousands of times. It’s time we pick them apart and expose them for the political hacks they really are. 


33,000 jobs were lost in September and it’s Trumps fault! Of course it’s Trumps fault, he’s a sexist racist bigot homophobe, everything’s his fault. Actually, not this time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the dip in employment in the month of September was concentrated in the Houston area. Hmm. What could that have been about? Maybe the fact that it was the same month the city was decimated by hurricane Harvey and left flooded for weeks? Yup that’s it. Maybe hurricane Harvey was Trumps fault. I have heard the ridiculous argument that Harvey happened because Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, and although I don’t feel like I should have to dignify such an idiotic claim, I will. Numerous outlets posted articles debunking the foolish claim, including left wing sites like Vox and Rolling Stone. Not that they needed to do a study to prove that out of all the hurricanes in history, the one that happened on Trumps watch was the one that happened because of climate change.


This one has been circulating ever since the Las Vegas shooting. In typical leftist fashion, they wasted no time exploiting a tragedy to push their liberal agenda. And to make matters worse, they’re wrong. Obviously. This one’s pretty simple; the idea that people don’t have a right to purchase healthcare is 100% false. Every single American has the right to purchase healthcare. All of them. Even people who aren’t American have the right to purchase healthcare in America. If you’re in America, you can purchase healthcare all day long, and nobody will stop you. Criminals can purchase healthcare. A hospital can’t turn somebody away. A gun shop, however, will turn someone away if they’re a criminal. Not every American has the right to purchase a firearm. These are incontrovertible facts. I know what Occupy Democrats are trying to say, though. They’re saying that Americans have a constitutional right to purchase guns, but not a constitutional right to healthcare. To which, I’d ask why anyone would need a constitutional right to purchase healthcare. The constitution protects us from the government. Is the government going to take away all the hospitals? Are they going to ban doctors? Of course not, so why would we need that in the constitution? Unless… unless they mean we should have a right to healthcare paid for by the government. That’s a whole different argument, and whether or not you agree or disagree with that, it doesn’t apply here because we don’t have a right to own an assault rifle paid for by the government. Therefore, there isn’t a comparison and this meme is…

Of course, the exploitation didn’t stop there..


This one can be debunked in a 60 second history lesson (give or take, depending on how fast you read). Point number one: when the constitution was written, the framers intended for the people to have access to any firearm the government had access to, which included cannons. Obviously that has changed, which I suppose is fine since I don’t think anyone really has the need for an army tank or a black hawk helicopter, but I digress. Point number two: “guns shot one bullet” -not true. Muskets shot one bullet, that part is true, but muskets weren’t the only guns available at the time the second amendment was written. There was of course, the Puckle Gun. Patented in 1718 by James Puckle, this automatic weapon was capable of firing up to 63 rapid fire bullets at a time. Another example was the Belton Flintlock rifle. This automatic weapon fired 20 bullets in 5 seconds off of one trigger pull, and it was developed during the Revolutionary War. How about the girandoni rifle? A 22 high capacity magazine could be accurately fired off in under 30 seconds. Those are just a few examples of automatic weapons that were around before the constitution was signed. That’s enough to debunk the meme, but I will mention that rifles that fire “600+ rounds per minute” are illegal for citizens to own without a special license from the ATF and it is nearly impossible to obtain. So yeah, this meme is soundly debunkedimg_3849

Here’s a silly one

The data in this one isn’t necessarily untrue, Trump is trying to repeal the estate tax, the problem with this meme is that the people listed are being accused of supporting a law that will make them the beneficiaries of massive tax breaks. The problem lies in the fact that you aren’t hit with an estate tax until after you’re dead, so tell me how someone is supposed to benefit from something if they can’t collect it until they’re dead. I’ll wait, take your time.

Introducing Democratic Socialism:

Great, except that in Denmark, you pay 60.2% income tax. So your $25 an hour minimum wage is now less than $10 an hour, and with a mandatory 35 hour maximum work week, that’s less than $350 a week. But hey, you can go to college for free so that you can eventually earn more money to fork over to your socialist government. Think about that: free college for 4 years, but it’ll cost you two thirds of your income every year for the rest of your life. If you make 100k per year, your “free college” costs you $60,000 every year until you retire. Over the course of a 40 year career, that’s 2.4 million dollars (but you got 4 years of FREE college). Seems like a killer deal. Still wanna be like Denmark? Gonna have to slash the corporate tax rate in half. Their top corporate income tax bracket is set at 20% while America’s is 40%. Guess what that means? Massive tax breaks for the wealthiest people in the country. I, of course am fine with that because I understand that giving tax breaks to companies allows them to free up capital and create more jobs (economics 101). You know who wouldn’t be fine with that? Occupy Democrats. The ones who posted this idiotic meme


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