The worst part of the gun debate is when the left pretends to be experts on something they know nothing about.  Now I know what you’re thinking: every argument with a leftist turns into a debate that they know nothing about – to which you are probably correct.  But with so many leftists quivering with fear at the very thought of firearms, most are too terrified to ever handle a firearm, or god forbid, learn about the difference between a semi automatic, and a fully automatic… or in this case – a bump stock and a fucking grenade launcher. 
Via The DailyWire


On Thursday, CNN continued the mainstream media’s long tradition of demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of guns when it displayed a graphic of an AR-15, and tried to explain how a bump stock worked.

While CNN congressional correspondent, Phil Mattingly, talked with The Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer about what possible actions Congress could take to regulate bump stocks, a graphic displayed at the top of the screen showed an AR-15 with a suppressor – which is a heavily regulated National Firearms Act (NFA) item – along with a grenade launcher – civilians cannot purchase grenades.

 The graphic did not, however, include a bump stock on the gun, which was the entire point of the graphic and the segment. Instead, the graphic showed the gun sliding back-and-forth into the butt stock.


CNN continued to use the completely inaccurate graphic across their network in multiple segments.

Take a look:

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