So as you may have seen yesterday, a video went viral of super-triggered SJW Edith Macias, as she had a complete meltdown after seeing someone wearing a red MAGA hat.  She stole the hat, marched into an office, railed on about racism and genocide, then allegedly got arrested.  Well it turns out Trump supporters aren’t so bad after all, they discovered that she had a GoFundMe set up in hopes of raising money for a down payment on an apartment, and began flooding the page with donations. 

Many of the donation comments read – “God bless America” and “Make America great again.”  She has more than tripled her original goal of $200, thanks to this great country and the great people of America who are able to look past her meltdown and prove to her that no matter how batshit crazy you are, the wonderful people on the right are still willing to help with their hard earned money.

If you haven’t seen the video that made this girl infamous over night, you can check it out here –

Triggered Snowflake Steals Man’s MAGA Hat & Tries To Get Him In Trouble – Gets Arrested

It does say something that her friends and family were unwilling to support her cause, but the “evil racist” Trump supporters were willing to shell out their hard earned money to help someone in need who clearly hates them.  She’s young, hopefully this helps her understand that Trump supporters aren’t so bad after all, and the world isn’t out to get her.

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