As you may have heard, NFL players across the league took a knee during the national anthem yesterday, after President Trump made some controversial comments during a rally this week.  Almost every team had at least a few players who took a knee.  One of those teams was the New England Patriots.  Patriots fans booed the players who took a knee, and some even chanted “stand up!”  Well, Feitelberg had some things to say about those fans in an article titled “Any Patriots Fan Who Booed Players Kneeling During The National Anthem Yesterday Is a Fucking Moron”  .  Well now he is getting absolutely torn apart by his own readers in the comment section.

Let me start off by saying this:  I’m a big fan of Barstool.  I think Portnoy is hilarious, and I think they have a pretty talented staff who usually craft some of the most hilarious headlines on the internet… This wasn’t one of them.  Feitelberg, who is usually pretty funny, decided to grand stand and tell white folk to “shut the fuck up and listen to them” … well I’m all  for listening to everyone, but we aren’t allowed to have an opinion on the matter?  Fans aren’t allowed to voice their opinions too?  Fans who paid a lot of money to go to the game and help contribute to the organization who hired these players for their talent and not their political opinions have no right to the freedom of speech now too?

Feitelberg argues that the fans were booing during the national anthem.  That wasn’t really the case.  They booed at the beginning when they saw that players were kneeling down and then you could hear them again at the end, reminding players that they disagreed with them.  I wasn’t in the building, I was watching on TV, but that’s how it sounded from what I could hear.  Anyways I took a quick scroll through the comment section to see what people were saying, and as you might expect – nearly 100% of the comments were roasting barstool for virtue signaling.


Players have the right to protest, nobody is saying they belong in jail for it… but teams also have the right to fire them if they choose to, and that’s pretty much what President Trump was saying.. No, ESPN, he didn’t “demand that they are fired”,  he simply said he wished owners would fire them.  Teams also have the right to not sign PR nightmare / mediocre backup QBs like Colin Kaepernick.  Take note that once Kaepernick became a free agent, he suddenly decided he was all done taking a knee, since his point had been made… In other words, now that he was out of San Fran, he was done with his charade because Colin needs a job.  Sorry, bud.

Here’s the thing – This is America.  We all have the freedom of speech.. that means, NFL players have the right to take a knee.  That also means fans have the right to boo them to hell and back.  That also means that you, me and the President have the right to have an opinion on the matter as well.  Kneeling during the anthem is technically against the rules in the NFL, but the league has clearly decided to take a political stance on the issue after President Trump’s comments, so I’m sure players will go unpunished.  This is the same league that threatened to fine players for wearing 9/11 cleats, and fines players for end zone celebrations, so clearly they aren’t a bastion of free speech… and honestly, as a Pats fan, that Cooks TD was pretty spectacular at the end of the game, so I’m glad he was on the field even after taking the knee… But I still believe it was a disrespectful act to kneel and I was glad to see fans reacting the way they did.

Jesse Wilkins
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