Ben Shapiro is set to speak tonight at Berkeley.  This is the same scene that was quite literally set ablaze when Milo was supposed to speak a few months ago.  Antifa is expected to be out in full force as Berkeley preps for the shit show.  Walls, barriers, gates, police and security are everywhere as they prepare for a 5 foot 9 jewish conservative with the “wrong opinions” … Watch the live broadcast right here: 

Event beings at 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT

Ben Shapiro, an attorney and bestselling author, is the editor-in-chief of and the host of “The Ben Shapiro Show.” Shapiro is leading the crusade against political correctness on campuses across the country, and infuriating leftists every step of the way. Sarah Palin says that Americans should “consider Ben’s advice about how we must stand up and push back twice as hard against this bullying.” Sean Hannity says to join Ben Shapiro and “fight back” against liberal bullying. And Michelle Malkin says Shapiro is “infused with the indomitable spirit of his friend and mentor Andrew Breitbart.”

Young America’s Foundation engages with students across the country to inspire them with the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. YAF is the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement and introduces hundreds of thousands of young Americans to these principles every year, most of whom have never heard the arguments for freedom and personal responsibility before.

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