Donald Trump Jr. just laid the smackdown with a single reply to an idiotic tweet by Michael Moore.  Not a day goes by where Michael Moore doesn’t take to twitter to show how anti-Trump he is-  A very rare and bold position to take out of Hollywood these days, of course.  With Irma ripping through Florida, and people seeking refuge in other states, Michael thought it would be an opportune time to take a shot at the president. 
Here’s what Michael had to say:

It seems as though Michael wanted to capitalize on this disaster to make Trump seem like the bad guy for not turning his property into a shelter.  This is the same tactic the left used against Joel Osteen for not opening his church up to people seeking shelter… Even if Joel is a huge fraud, his building was flooded.  Either way, that won’t stop the left from taking a shot at anybody religious.  Well it seems like the left got it wrong again, and Donald Trump Jr exposed Michael Moore for once again: knowing nothing.


And the responses on twitter were just as magical as you could expect.  Moore getting roasted for his idiocy.

Better luck next time, Michael.

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