Bostons “Free Speech” rally kicked off yesterday with national media attention as an estimated 40,000 people came to protest the nazis.  The nazis who never showed up… and were never invited in the first place.  With the recent horrible events in Charlottesville, including a terrorist attack from an alt-right idiot, the media punched the panic button and marketed this as the second coming of Hitler.  Only problem?  Unlike Unite The Right, this was actually a rally for free speech, not white supremacy. This is what the event was pitched as from the beginning, and they even opened the event up to leftists to speak their mind on free speech as well.  They declined.  


The majority of the 40,000 counter-protesters were peaceful and the Boston PD was able to keep order in the city for the most part.  First of all, I agree with the idea that Nazis have no place in America and people who wave the Nazi flag are un-American… But I didn’t show up to protest because protesting against free speech is not my thing, and more importantly, I didn’t fall for the media hype about nazis showing up to Boston.  Regardless of the complete absence of nazis, Antifa still couldn’t resist from clashing with police, hurling rocks, throwing bottles of urine and assaulting innocent bystanders AS USUAL.  Once again, proving to be the opposite of what CNN, hollywood and politicians propped them up to be all week.

These communist meth addicts are not heroes, they are not soldiers battling the Nazis in WW2.  They are not alike.  They are still a vile hate group and they reminded us of what they really are again yesterday.  33 violent leftists were arrested.  While that number is very small, thankfully, compared to the roughly 40,000 leftists in attendance, that number still happens to be larger than the number of people who actually attended the Free Speech Rally, that they were protesting, which was around 20.

It’s no surprise that speakers began to drop out of this event after the media circus that followed the mayhem in Charlottesville, where actual white supremacists showed up, chanted horribly racist and anti-Semitic things, killed someone, and marched around with tiki torches- which shows not only how much they hate minorities, but also how serious they are about mosquito protection.  The next rally was doomed to be portrayed as a “white nationalist / neo nazi” hate-speech event, regardless if it had nothing to do with white supremacy.  The fact is, the event was at risk of being invaded by these scumbags, so I don’t blame the speakers who backed out, to protect their own brand and for their own safety.

Some of the speakers who were supposed to attend event included Gavin MccInnes, GOP Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai and Joe “based stickman” Biggs.  Gavin and Joe backed out, Shiva showed up and spoke.  Shiva, an actual Indian immigrant, fighting for Elizabeth (fake indian) Warren’s senate seat- stood in front of about 20 people and delivered a speech that was not what CNN wanted it to be.  First of all, Shiva is not a white supremacist, Shiva is also not white, Shiva is not a nazi… and he took the opportunity to speak out against hate and bigotry.  So this is what the “neo nazi” rally looked like:

That’s right… maybe 20 or so ‘white supremacists’ are listening to an Indian man speak out against white supremacy, while holding signs that read “black lives do matter” and “No to GMO’s”…. the Boston nazis seem to have a much different set of priorities than the German Nazis of the 1940s…


Now it’s important to point out that I’m not ignoring the fact that there were nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, and they were just as vile and hateful as everyone feared.  But this event in Boston was a reflection of how small and cowardly these people are.  It’s also important to point out that even with the event being nazi-free, that didn’t stop Antifa from hurling rocks and piss bottles at police officers, and even assaulting an old woman for holding an American flag

The media will have you believe that the speakers who backed out of the event, Joe and Gavin, are “Alt Right Leaders.” This is not true.  Gavin, who is the leader of the Proud Boys, was not at Charlottesville on purpose.  He disavowed the event and refused to be affiliated with the leaders of the Alt Right.  Gavin wrote this 2 months before “Unite The Right” rally:  “The truth is, we don’t need white supremacists in Proud Boys. We are western chauvinists, not racists, and welcome anyone who agrees with that. We don’t give a shit what the color of your skin is, but nearly all of the speakers at this event can’t seem to do anything but talk about skin color. I understand that antifa and the rest of the radical left will continue to call Proud Boys racist. That doesn’t mean we should become racists, or share a stage with racists.”  Read his full statement here.   Joe is part of Gavin’s movement.  They backed out of the Boston rally when they saw what the media was going to turn it into.

So who are the leaders of the Alt Right?  These people are horrible.  Richard Spencer is a moron.  Jared Taylor is a moron.  Baked Alaska is a tool, who used to work for Buzzfeed.  That should say enough.  Since the left loves to label everyone a racist these days, lets provide some context-  These are not just people who say things the left disagrees with, these are people who will proudly tell you that they are white supremacists.  Now I am a fan of offensive jokes, I’m also a fan of the freedom of speech, but inflammatory memes, trollish jokes are far different from outright racism.  Here are some actual racist and vile things that the leaders of the Alt Right have said.  This is what they believe:

Richard Spencer:

“Martin Luther King Jr., a fraud and degenerate in his life, has become the symbol and cynosure of White Dispossession and the deconstruction of Occidental civilization. We must overcome!”
– National Policy Institute column, January 2014

“when White men talk about “restoring the Constitution”—or, more so, “Taking Our Country Back”— leftists and non-Whites are right to view this as threatening and racialist: it implies a return to origins and that the White man once owned America.”

Jarod Taylor:

“I want my children to look like my grandparents.  I don’t want them too look like Anwar Sadat, or Foo Man Choo, or Whoopie Goldberg.”
— American Renaissance, 2005

“The races are different.  Blacks and whites are different.  When blacks are left to their own devices- Western civilization, any kind of civilization disappears.”
— American Renaissance, 2005

Jason Kessler (Unite the Right Organizer):

“Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting communist. Communists have killed 94 million.  Looks like it’s payback time”


Now is the time to stop calling yourself ‘Alt Right’ if you’ve been duped into thinking this movement is something you line up with.  A lot of young anti-SJW type of people fall for the Alt Right movement because first and foremost: they haven’t looked into the movement, or chose to ignore the mainstream media’s “racism!” claims, since liberals have cried wolf with the racism claim far too many times.  The alt right echo a lot of the same things people like Ben Shapiro (not alt right) or Milo (also not alt right) say.  They troll Antifa and trigger leftists with memes, and that’s something we all enjoy.  They are anti-PC culture, anti-snowflake, anti-establishment, they are voting republican etc. That’s what some young republicans see on the surface, and that’s why some are tricked into identifying as Alt Right, without looking at the people who are leading the movement.  Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach are the despicable leaders of this movement.   These are not people you should affiliate with.  Milo has admitted, along with Steve Bannon to giving the Alt Right a platform at Breitbart, even writing “An Establishment Conservatives Guide To The Alt Right.”  This was a massive mistake by both of them.  The Alt Right does not deserve the spotlight.  This is not just a bunch of meme posting internet trolls.  These are actual racists at the top and at the core of the movement.  Milo has since distanced himself from the Alt Right and Ben Shapiro is a conservative to the core who never had anything to do with the Alt Right (they also hate each other).  We only mention them because the media falsely names them as members of the Alt Right.  That couldn’t be further from the truth about Ben in particular.  But hey, its the mainstream media, what did we expect?

While the Alt Right is a vile movement, they are also a fringe movement- few in numbers, which is what the media loves to lie about.  With months in advance to promote their “Unite The Right” rally, the Alt Right, the KKK and the white nationalist movement combined were still only able to rally a couple hundred members together.  Why?  Because there AREN’T many of them out there.  The ones that are out there are awful despicable human beings, but this is not 1920.  There are not millions of KKK members looming in the woods, gearing up for the race war that CNN is trying to create for ratings.  It’s estimated that there are only around 3,000 members of the KKK left.  That’s still 3,000 too many, but far less than when it was at it’s peak of over 4 million racist democrats in the 1920s, according to 

The media is determined to paint republicans with a wide brush, grouping all Trump supporters and even conservatives in with the Alt-Right.  One of the thousands of things Hillary blamed her loss on instead of herself was the ‘racists.’  The racists who came out in massive numbers because they HAD to stop Hillary, but, as Bill Burr pointed out: didn’t show up to stop the black guy from being elected twice.  Seems lazy of the racists.  The racists had nothing do to with why Hillary lost.  The working class wanted someone who was going to put America first and prioritize jobs over freeloaders.  Trump is doing just that.  The republicans are undefeated in special elections since Trump won, so the media circus around fake news, then Russia, and now the white supremacy narrative isn’t working.  Van Jones blamed the election on the “whitelash” from racist white people.  Now he claims that Charlottesville confirmed his whitelash theory.  Well Boston just debunked it all over again.  If there were millions of racist white people, there would’ve been more than 20 in attendance yesterday.  This event in Boston is a reflection of how small the shrinking white supremacist movement really is.  Unfortunately, racism obviously still exists and it is rampant in the Alt Right movement, but they are a fringe movement and they are small in numbers.

As we stated when the Charlottesville story first broke, and many times in this article, we do not stand with Richard Spencer or the Alt Right.  We do not agree with their views at all.  It’s important to lay that out there every time we talk about this subject, because in no way, shape or form are we making excuses for the Alt Right movement.  Every influential voice on the right has condemned the bigotry and racism that is voiced by the leaders of the Alt Right movement without shame.  But for some reason whenever you criticize Antifa, people assume you’re siding with the nazis.

Violence should be condemned, no matter what the reason is.  The Alt-Right and the Alt-Left are both guilty.  The ‘moral equivalence’ between the white supremacists and Antifa is irrelevant.  Both groups are using violence to forward their political agenda.  Antifa is not just attacking neo nazis, they’re attacking anyone that doesn’t agree with them.   Communism kills, fascism kills.  Both suck and that’s why we have fought wars to stop both garbage political ideologies from making it’s way to America.  We don’t need you to grandstand to tell us how the nazis are bad, Mitt Romney and the rest of you.  We know.

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