As you have all heard by now, there was a rally in Charlottesville VA, where neo-nazis and white nationalists showed up, wielding tiki torches, reminiscent of the KKK in the 1920s, but with a suburban backyard bbq kind of feel.  What you may not have heard is that the event was organized months in advance to protest the city’s efforts to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee, and even with months of planning, this ‘movement’ was still only able to rally a couple hundred idiotic marchers.  They were greeted by a mob of ‘anti-fascists’ (the ironically fascist Antifa group) and Black Lives Matter protesters, and violence immediately erupted.  As usual, Antifa and BLM were allowed to march, police were ordered to stand down and people died.  This is not how the media covered the events.  This was by design.  

There were idiotic radicals on BOTH sides attacking each other. Antifa are not heroes, they’re the same pathetic morons as always. The white supremacists were not alone causing violence.

With that being said, the mouth-breathing neo-nazis with the torches deserve to get fired and exposed for who they are. The alt-right has morphed into exactly what the left wanted them to be. Everyone labeled them as nazis, and now they have attracted the actual nazis out of their basements and into the streets with their tiki torches and silly haircuts. The alt-right is not conservative. Neither are nazis. Nazis were leftists. Socialists. You cannot be a proud American and a nazi at the same time.

When the right tracks down and exposes antifa members as the criminals they are, we applaud them. Antifa deserves it, and so does anyone waving the nazi flag.


The left’s obsession with identity politics and the mainstream media’s obsession with Richard Spencer and the small amount of radical racists who follow him are the reason this escalated to this level. Do not be fooled, this was their plan. The media has been determined to make Richard Spencer the face of Trump supporters. They want America to think that republicans support him. We don’t. Every prominent, influential figure on the right has, and needs to continue to separate themselves from his small movement, or the party will go down in flames with him. Some idiots are playing right into their trap and it’s dangerous.

I remember a time not too long ago when we had the moral high ground vs the leftist protesters and rioters who were burning down buildings, flipping over police cars, assaulting innocent people over their political beliefs and committing acts of terror. It’s part of the reason Donald Trump won. I remember when we had the moral high ground vs terrorists who were mowing down people with their vehicles. Now I see people making excuses for radicals on the right who are doing the exact same things. If the moral high ground is lost, we bring ourselves down to their level and that’s not a place we want to be if we want to continue to win.


We are not Antifa. We are not nazis. We are not racists. The left is obsessed with race, we don’t need to be. As the republican, Martin Luther King said: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Today’s left doesn’t agree with MLK. I do.

It’s no coincidence that Richard Spencer still remains on Twitter with a blue verified check mark, but Milo is banned for poking fun at Leslie Jones.  Milo actually denounces racism and continuously lays down the hammer on anyone who labels him a ‘white nationalist,’ or tries to paint him as a member or the leader of the alt-right.  That’s because Twitter is playing a roll in keeping Richard Spencer in the spotlight.  They want him to be the face of the republican party.  The alt-right has turned from what I once thought was a bunch of meme-loving trolls, to something much more sinister. It has attracted some of the worst kind of people. Any group that would march with nazis is not a group I would want anything to do with. Make no mistake, the left is attempting to ruin this country with a vengeance, but the alt-right movement is not the movement to get behind. Instead, the conservatives who denounce racism and focus on liberty, freedom and making this country great are who you should march with.

Jesse Wilkins
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