Is facebook guilty of censoring conservative pages? Yes. But did they censor Freddy from Stop The Left? I don’t think so. In episode 32 of The Meninisms Podcast, we chatted about Facebook censorship. Freddy, who didn’t have a facebook at the time, created a new page in order to create his fan page. They blocked him from creating his fan page called “stop the left” for violating community guidelines.

Freddy thinks they blocked them because of his name, I think they blocked him because his activity was probably flagged as suspicious. So Freddy shot a new video where he created a page called “stop the right” instead, to see if Facebook was biased towards the name of the group, since Facebook is run by a bunch of lefties. He successfully created the “stop the right” page, so he thinks he’s correct… well time for me to respond.

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Oh and here is Freddy’s stupid video (subscribe to him out of pure pity)

Oh and I guess you can like our new hijacked facebook page: stop the left 😉

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