Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian, anti-Isreli activist called for a jihad against the Trump administration during a speech in Chicago this week.  Liberals quickly came to her defense, claiming that the word “jihad” doesn’t always mean “terrorist attack” … or “suicide bombing” or “beheading” or “bombing innocent people at the Boston Marathon” .. you know, the “Jihad” that we as Americans have become all too familiar with.  Well, us rooted in reality are a little pissed off, and rightly so. 

The Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro joins Fox News Channel’s Dana Perino to discuss Linda Sarsour’s recent calls for “jihad” against the Trump administration; he’s joined by Hasan Shibly, an Islammunist fifth columnist from CAIR’s Florida-based cell.

The debate continued on Tipping Point, where another liberal refused to condemn Sarsour’s comments.  Liz Wheeler exposed him for pivoting.