Hanover, Massachusetts– Police are currently looking for a pathetic sack of shit who was reportedly snapping pictures of a woman changing, from over the top of her changing stall. Police are currently looking for a socially awkward, frail-looking basement dweller with a porn addiction, and apparent self confidence issues. The incident happened at the Hanover Target in the women’s changing room.

Here’s an idea, don’t let men in the women’s changing room. Maybe that. Then you wouldn’t have to post pictures of creepy dudes on the loose for doing creepy things. About a year or so ago, Target got on their SJW high horse and went public with their “we let men in the women’s room because we’re super tolerant” campaign. It was right around the time North Carolina passed a law banning men from entering public women’s restrooms and visa-versa. North Carolina was immediately hit with a tornado of vitriol from the “tolerant” left. Target was one of the major companies who embraced the madness. On April 19 2016, Target publicized their bathroom policy in a blog post. The store stated their policy was that customers were encouraged to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with, ignoring concerns over child safety; because they’re tolerant. Yeah. Tolerant of mentally ill people who can’t figure out what gender they are, not tolerant of the actual women who are justifiably uncomfortable with men in the changing rooms with them. Not tolerant of the women who don’t want sex offenders snapping pictures of them while they’re trying on bathing suits. Target thinks women are bigots for not wanting creeps stocking their spank bank with voyeur pictures of them taking their clothes off. No tolerance for them.  Target only shows tolerance for maggots like this asshole here

Here’s his car. Surprised it isn’t a big white van

Hopefully the police catch this loser and in the meantime, hopefully target changes their shitty bathroom policies… or go out of business for making poor business decisions.
By: Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12