On the morning of June 6th 1944, thousands of men boarded ships, planes, and amphibious landing vehicles with the knowledge that many would be dead in a couple hours. World War 2 was raging, and Germany had a stranglehold on western Europe for a better part of a decade at this point. However, the Nazi facade was crumbling.  Germany was the wounded animal and the Allies were invading their territory. The fighting needed to end the war would be gruesome, vicious, and intense. The Allied Mission was daunting:

  • Land on the French coast in the largest amphibious invasion in the history of the world.
  • Destroy heavily fortified Nazi beach defenses
  • Move inland and begin the liberation of France (you’re welcome)
  • Move across Europe, liberating countries under Nazi Occupation
  • Destroy The German War Machine by capturing Berlin and removing Hitler from Power

Upon landing on the beaches of Normandy; American, British and Canadian troops were shredded by machine guns, land mines, and mortars.  Many soldiers drown before ever hitting the beach.  Carrying 50 plus pound of gear and ordered to exit the landing craft in rough, deceptively deep waters, led to casualties.


Since we’ve all seen Saving Private Ryan, I’ll spare you from the historical recapping of events that followed.  We all know the watershed moment D-Day was.  However, I don’t think many of us today reflect upon the character of the men that fought and died for America 73 years ago.

The majority of the men who fought on D-Day had volunteered to do so.  They willingly put their lives on the line to eliminate evil from the world.  Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, American men and women put their lives on hold to serve their country and fellow man.  All walks of life enlisted; men and women, black and white (even though the Army was still segregated at that time), those of age (18) and even some who weren’t.


Those that couldn’t enlist in the military, found jobs that contributed to the war effort.   Companies across America changed their business model overnight to accommodate the demands of the war.  For instance, my grandmother got a job in the Gillette factory making metal casings for artillery shells. The American war machine began to hum.

At home, people had to ration goods for the war effort.  The 1942 Food Rationing Program effected every single American.  Items rationed included: Bacon, milk, butter, sugar, canned and bottled goods, metals, oils, silk stockings, everything! And not one snowflake had a fucking melt down about not having their gluten free whatever the fuck. And hardly anyone complained…. and we saved the world……


Put any of these liberal feminists in a factory for 12 hours a day and tell them their work might stop the chance of speaking German and watch the heads explode.  Do we think any of us could actually hang with those people? No fucking way.  We lose our shit when we forget to take our phones into the bathroom with us. For some soft candy-ass Americans, a terrible day is when their boss yells at them because they fucked up at work.  A bad day in 1944? Two out of five siblings were KIA and you just got sent to fight the Japanese.

I don’t think there was any of this, “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my Coffee” bullshit back then. You were lucky to drink coffee, and grateful to do so. I’m so fucking sick of that line. The lady who says, “Oh, I’m a bitch before I have my coffee. I’m warning you”. Sorry to break the news to you, but you’re a bitch and a perpetual cunt with, or without coffee.


Americans have drifted so far from their ancestors living on the morning of June 6th, 1944. American culture is all about “Me”.

I need to snapchat my friends”

I need my fidget spinner because I have trouble concentrating”

“I can’t talk to her because I texted her twice and she never replied”

“I am so offended that you called me a woman! I’m gender non-binary”

I need to know that the symbol outside the bathroom accommodates for the person I consider myself to be today”


And on and  on and on with this meaningless, childish, self-centered fucking bullshit. What is this pussy nonsense? Americans can’t unite under one common pursuit anymore.  This past election is proof of that.  If you’re on the “wrong” side of anything outside the liberal, popular belief of the day, you should just kill yourself.

Its a time when trivial, meaningless things are being woven into the fabric of human life (reality TV, Cell Phones, Social Media, political correctness).  Important traditional aspects of life are being abandoned and viewed as wrong.  In 73 years, we as Americans and humans have become disgustingly tainted in certain aspects.

They weren’t right about everything 73 years ago.  Race relations were an embarrassment and women definitely did not enjoy the same amount of opportunity that women do today. Yet I think that individually, people 73 years ago were just a tougher breed of human than that of today.

So the next time you witness a 22 year old mother of 4, that identifies as a poly non-conforming pterodactyl, and lives off the State, refuses to get a job, has a nice little pill addiction, and has 3 baby daddies; begin to complain about Walmart not having yoga pants in size “fat fucking fat fuck”; remember the sacrifice that was made for all of us to live in this country on June 6th, 1944.

Ronan Christmas
Twitter: @Roo_s_a

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