Sitting at Camden Yard watching the Redsox beat the Orioles last night, I caught wind of the London terrorist attacks.

The group of guys I was with briefly discussed the circumstances, and then our attention returned to the game. You’d think something as serious as a terrorist attack would elicit more of a response, but sadly; these events have become the norm. 

Without reading any of the specifics, I already knew the details of the attack:

  • Multiple casualties
  • Muslim attackers
  • People were shocked this type of event could happen

Hate to break it to everyone, but these attacks follow the same outline. The main theme is this hate is perpetuated by muslims. This is fact, not opinion.

However, some people in power are too blind to recognize the threat.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (the first Muslim mayor of a European city); refused to call the “Cowardly Attackers” for what they are: Radical Islamic Terrorists.


He characterized the events as “barbaric acts” carried out by “cowards”; which is no doubt true.  However, he completely avoided any mention the true nature of these radical Islamic terrorists by failing to identify them as such.

These Muslim dogs took advantage of a soft target that struck at the heart of British Kingdom. The Mayor, as well as Prime Minister, knew there was a high probability of another attack following the Manchester suicide bombing. An attack that was carried out by… you guessed it, a Muslim!!

As is the world we live in today, leaders across the world had to condemn the attacks. The mayor of Boston, a far left leaning political Jimmy Hoffa; had one of the lamest sympathy tweets of the day.

Mayor Walsh is the king of the meaningless hashtag coupled with an empty action. In the last 3 weeks he’s tweeted: #WearOrange #ParisAccord #ParisAgreement #PrayersForLondon

Marty will then have Boston City Hall illuminated with colorful lights. Light pollution paid for by the Boston taxpayers. Lovely. Also, what do any of these events have to do with the city of Boston?


Each new attack will only bring stronger hate and backlash towards a religion and community that has contributed many things to the human race.  Perhaps one day Muslims will be able to escape the negativity that their religion is experiencing.
Without a concerted effort within the Islamic communities to eradicate these bastards, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.

Ronan Christmas
Twitter: @Roo_S_A

TheMeninisms Contributor