During last nights episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the liberal talk show host sat down with Republican senator, Ben Sasse of Nebraska to discuss his new book. It happened almost immediately. Maher made a comment about coming out to Nebraska and Sasse responded by saying, “Would you like to come work in the field with us?” To which Maher responded, “Work in the fields? Senator, please. I’m a house nigger” 

The crowd reaction was awkward to say the least, and Sasse looked pretty uncomfortable, but Maher brushed it off and moved on. The rest of the show was pretty normal, but the backlash on twitter was extensive.

And Ben Sasse weighed in after the fact:

Maher has always been an advocate of free speech, but judging by the negative backlash from the hypersensitive left, they’d have been better off discussing the trashbags Ben Sasse was wearing on his feet.

If you advocate free speech, words shouldn’t be off limit, but did Maher cross the line? Is the backlash warranted? Decide for yourself. Watch the video below:

By: Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12