As you all know, the narrative being pushed by mainstream media and democrats is that Russian hackers under Putin gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks.  In the opposition eyes’, this means that Russia “hacked” the election.  Hacking is a loaded term as it implies the Russians changed the actual results from what it should be. The more proper term would be “whistleblowing”.  Here are 10 things you should know about the Seth Rich case. 

  1. Julian Assange has denied that Russia gave the emails.
  2. Seth Rich was murdered in July in Washington DC in a ritzy part of the city.
  3. It was claimed that it was a robbery by two thugs even though his money and valuables were not stolen.
  4. Seth Rich was known to be disgruntled that the DNC was sabotaging Sanders through the primaries to get Hillary nominated.
  5. A recent report indicated that a federal investigator found emails on Rich’s laptop indicating he communicated with Wikileaks.
  6. He also mentioned that the FBI has stalled the investigation on his laptop while the D.C. Police has stalled the investigation into his murder.
  7. He reported that he’s never seen anything like it in that it seems to be a coverup.
  8. Julian Assange has never revealed his sources, but put an immediate reward of $13000 for information leading to his murderers’ capture.
  9. Seth’s family put out a denial that he was the source for Wikileaks through a spokesperson, even though the spokesperson is a DNC operative and none of the family members saw his computer activity.
  10. Kim Dotcom has now come out and said he worked with Rich in sending the DNC information to Assange and Wikileaks.

The evidence points to the fact that Seth Rich and not the Russians sent the DNC emails to Wikileaks. If you doubt this, ask why is the FBI and D.C. Police refusing to open Rich’s computer to the public for investigation? The simple matter can be reduced to a single question. Did Rich have communications with Wikileaks? An open examination can resolve this mystery
Original post: Daniel Svoboda (anti-sjw group via Facebook)