This is expert level trolling. This isn’t your typical internet, alt-right, trash dove Shia Labeouf meme level trolling, this is some advanced trollery. You may have heard about this group of whiney liberal grad student teachers and their “hunger strike.”
They were in the news earlier this week being called out for having a hunger strike where they were still allowed to eat food, thanks to the rules they set for themselves. Apparently after being publicly shamed for being asshats, they started actually starving themselves; to which, a majority of them decided that not eating was actually really hard, causing them to bail, leaving roughly 8 hardos to do the dirty work. So, 3 days in, 3 full days of agonizing hunger, and a group of right wing savages decide to set up a community barbecue right next door. Have you ever smelled a barbecue? I could have just eaten a four course meal twice, and the mere smell of a barbecue would still get my mouth watering. Can you imagine eating nothing for 3 whole days and then smelling a smoked brisket, knowing you can’t have any? Torture. Your diet consists of nothing but your feelings and your bland liberal tears that aren’t even salty anymore due to malnourishment, and now you have to smell sweet republican glory smothered in barbecue sauce, while you sulk in your liberal pity fest.

The grad students are striking because their newly formed teachers union, known as Local 33, a subgroup of the labor group, UNITE HERE, is being stonewalled by the university president. What will likely happen is the denial will be reviewed by the National Labor Relations Board and overruled, unless Trump appoints a bunch of anti-union members to the NLRB. Put aside the glaring reality that hunger strikes are stupid because the people you’re protesting don’t give a shit. Unions are trash. Far left, communist trash. Karl Marx’s last words in the Communist Manifesto were “WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE”. Sound familiar? Like the Labor union, UNITE HERE: the international group that wants workers to run the private companies that employ them? They aren’t even trying to mask their communist agenda. Marx and Engels clearly state in The Manifesto that they don’t believe private business owners should have a right to the money they earn, because it was the workers that did all the work to earn it. They want to abolish profit, abolish private property and let the workers of the world have control of the companies they work for. That’s literally what a union is. Fuck them. And fuck these starving protesters. I hope Donald Trump smashes every union to dust, but in the mean time, let them starve. It’s actually historically accurate for communists to starve. It’s kind of their thing.
By: Dave Wilkins 

Twitter: @davewilkins12

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The Communist Manifesto” – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels