Well, if you clicked this link, it must be because you’re a conservative who is curious about how in the world I managed to narrow this list down to only 10 reasons that democrats should be insanely embarrassed about their own political beliefs.. or maybe you’re a democrat, and you’re looking for answers about why you’re so embarrassed to be yourself.  Or perhaps you’re an alien, tapping in from outer space, because while studying and trying to understand the human race from a far before taking over the world, you’ve gotten a grasp on every living being on earth… but can’t quite wrap your giant alien head around the regressive “progressives” and the insane screeching leftists.  Well, fear not, conservatives, leftists and barbaric aliens, here are 10 reasons why democrats should be wildly embarrassed to be democrats, in no particular order.  

1.  Vegans… Obviously.

While we can all appreciate animals and condemn people who abuse animals, it is very difficult to appreciate, and to refrain from abusing vegans.  These self-righteous arrogant malnourished pasty activists are among some of the most obnoxious human beings on social media and in real life (if they can conjure up enough energy to move their frail bodies into the wild).  Quiet vegans who mind their own business are an endangered species, while the typical vegan can’t help but announce it to the world every 2 minutes, while posting some of the most hypocritical and pathetically pointless memes.


Now, veganism isn’t exclusively a democratic idea, but 99 times out of 100… the vegan will climb into his/her stupid white prius with an “I’m with Her” bumper sticker on the back, sporting their butch Seattle lesbian haircut and black framed glasses.  You know who you are, insufferable vegans, and you should be embarrassed.

2. You are the party of third wave feminism, an ideology based on silly lies.

You are the party of the moronic third wave feminists – An ideology based entirely on some of the most easily debunked myths.  The fact that politicians would echo these claims to push their political agenda and claim victimhood, or virtue signal is laughable.  The wage gap is a myth.  Refer to: any economist on earth.  There is an earnings gap, mainly because of total amount of hours worked by men and women.  According to the BLS, full-time men work 44 hours per week, while women work 40 on average.  Simple math will show a difference in earnings.  There are other variables including – having children, willingness to work overtime, and career choice… but those important variables don’t matter to feminists, because they choose to jump to conclusions (surprise surprise).


Third wave feminists love to scream about “Rape culture” … the fact is, rape culture does not exist in the United States.  Rape is illegal in the US, as it should be.  Rapists are shamed and hated, beaten and murdered at times in prison, as they should be.  No decent human being is out stumping for rights for rapists in the US, or making up excuses for them.   You could actually make the argument that the only people sympathising with rapists and pedophiles are democrats.  Their willful blindness towards the horrors going on in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran and other muslim majority countries, and their willingness to embrace islam shows how quickly they will turn a blind eye to a religion that teaches husbands to beat their wives into sexual submission.

If feminists really cared about rape culture, they would oppose and protest the actual rape culture that exists in Muslim-majority countries.  They would fight for the little girls who are sold off as child brides for arranged marriages in these countries.  They would fight for the children who are being genitally mutilated by Muslim doctors, which has now started happening in our own country.   They would fight to stop this kind of monstrous behavior from making it’s way into America.  But no… instead, they’re wrapping hijabs around their heads and welcoming Muslim refugees in with open arms, because that’s what democrats do.


The massive intake of muslims is the sole reason Sweden has turned into the rape capital of Europe… It’s no surprise when terrorist attacks and sexual assaults happen daily in Europe because of their open door policy.  So who is really fighting the fight against rape culture: the feminists who are welcoming the rapists?  Or conservatives who are looking to keep these people out of the country?

3. You claim to be the party of science… but clearly are not.

As leftists take to the streets to march for “science” (really just another march against president Trump), the majority of these protesters will yell and scream about climate change.  Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders have been very vocal about their belief that climate change is the ‘number one threat facing humanity,’ and Bernie even vowed to wage a military style attack on climate change… so thank god Bernie didn’t win the presidency, or we would be launching missiles at the clouds presumably… or drone striking pickup trucks at red lights to reduce carbon emissions.  Due to the fact that every computer model projection on global warming has been wildly wrong, whether you’re a skeptic or an alarmist on global warming, the only real conclusion that you can come to thus far is: we don’t know how much of an impact human beings actually have on the warming of the planet, yet.

Also important:  Bill Nye isn’t a scientist.  Leftists should be embarrassed that they have made Bill Nye, a fake scientist, their spokesperson for science.  Bill Nye is to science is what Steve from Blue’s Clues is to FBI investigators.  He’s just a dude who had a show to teach kids how cool 2nd grade level science can be.  Bill Nye has the credibility of spongebob.  Stop sharing his videos, democrats… you’re only embarrassing yourselves.

So the jury is still out on “man made climate change,” at best.  But lets take a look at a few major areas where the left completely ignores science.

4. Not Science: Transgenderism

You can’t claim to be the “party of science,” while completely ignoring the most basic biology.  Men cannot become women.  Women cannot become men.  The science is settled.  There are not 76 genders.  There are 2.  It has been settled since the beginning of time.  No man has ever become a woman and gotten pregnant.  That’s because of science… very very simple science.  It doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear, what kind of dress you throw on, what kind of hormones you took, any kind of cosmetics: it’s all make believe.


Now I’m not going to shame a transgender person in public, I’m aware that they have some serious mental issues and I’m not a fan of bullying strangers, but you can’t tell me that I have to pretend along with you.  If I choose to remain on the side of reality instead of choosing to play make-believe because of peoples feelings, I’m not being mean, I’m just being an adult.  You could be the most convincing tranny on the planet and the fact is: you have not, and will not ever change your sex.  It is impossible, and it is incredibly silly.

5. Also Not Science: Democrat’s stance on Abortion

Whether you are pro life or pro choice, that does not change the fact that democrats ignore science when talking about abortion.  You cannot claim to be the “party of science” and ignore the fact that a baby is a baby.  A baby does not magically turn into a human once it exits the womb, it has been a baby for 9 or 10 months in most cases.  Liberals, leftists, democrats love to claim that the fetus is not a human being to ignore the fact that they are taking a human life when performing an abortion.

6.  You are the party of Antifa, safe spaces and trigger warnings.

Antifa might be the most embarrassing, hypocritical leftist movement of all time.  Antifa claims to be anti-fascists.  They hate fascism.  They hate fascism so much, that they will resort to fascism to stop what they fascistically decide is fascism.  They show up to free speech events to riot and violently stop Americans from exercising their first amendment rights.  Sound familiar?  Sounds like fascism.  As Bill Maher recently stated: protesting and stopping free speech is modern day book burning.  These snowflakes are so terrified of a diversity of ideas, that they will stop at nothing to make sure they remain in their own echo chamber instead of debating or god forbid: having an open mind.

Another way leftists shield themselves from all things they don’t agree with is by demanding trigger warnings on things they could find offensive.  These trigger warnings help fragile democrats preemptively block any material that could cause a micro-aggression.  Unaware of what a “micro-aggression” is?  It’s another word for something that upsets you, something you don’t like… or what we here, not living in a bubble like to call:  … being an adult.

If somehow the snowflakes aren’t protected by a trigger warning and are damaged by this offensive material, they will resort to retreating to a “safe space” – a place where no micro-aggressing feeling-hurters can enter.  A space frequently filled with stuffed animals, pillows, toys, soft blankets, non-offensive music and soothing videos of clouds or crashing waves… sound familiar?  No, I’m not talking about a daycare… we’re talking about safe spaces at colleges.  The same colleges where students are supposed to prepare to enter the real world.  They prepare to enter the work force by hiding in their safe spaces where nobody can hurt their feelings.  You should be proud of yourselves, democrats… this is your party.  This is your future.

7.  You are the party of Black Lives Matter

There are 2 big problems with Black Lives Matter.  First of all, they picked a stupid name.  Of course, black lives matter… very few people would say black lives don’t matter.  The issue with the name is, it implies that people,  in particular police, need to be reminded that black lives matter.  Second of all (and more importantly), their hateful rhetoric has left a trail of dead bodies over the last few years.  Innocent police officers have been gunned down by BLM supporters, some of these officers were African American.  Someone please explain that one to me? If black lives matter, why would you take a black life in the name of the black lives matter movement?  Did his black life matter?  And if black lives matter, where is black lives matter in cases like the facebook killer?  Their decision to ignore these cases, or the nightly massacres going on in Chicago, show that black lives only matter to black lives matter when it’s suitable for their narrative.
Why do I bother trying to make sense of a movement which is led by Shaun King.. who pretends to be black.  This brings me to number 8


8.  You are the party of Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal, who pretend to be black.

Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, now identifies as “transracial” … of course, only after she was called out for being completely white.  Rachel clearly frequented the tanning bed enough to somehow fool people into believing that she was actually black.. something Shaun King is somehow still pulling off apparently.  Shaun King is the completely white co-leader of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Unsurprisingly, Shaun refuses to take a DNA test to prove his black-ness.  This is important because Shaun claims to be a victim of a racially motivated hate crime, but police reports show that not only was it not a hate crime, on the police report, he checked off  “white/caucasian” under “race.”


Sound familiar?  We’ll get there in a second, first let’s take a look at what Shaun King’s birth certificate has to say about his race:



Well it turns out Shaun King has 2 white parents, and a very white brother…  Well this takes me right to our next leftist fraud.

9. You are the party of Elizabeth Warren, who pretends to be Native American

Are you not embarrassed to be affiliated with Elizabeth Warren?  With her screeching voice, turtle features, weird hands and horrible policies?  Remember when she was super anti-wall street, anti-big bank,  then turned around and campaigned for the Wall Street, big bank candidate, Hillary Clinton? If that isn’t enough, why would you trust this fraud?  Remember when Elizabeth Warren was exposed for pretending to be native American?

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Via: TheDailyWire:
The controversy began when The Boston Herald brought it up in the 2012 campaign. The Herald’s report noted that the Harvard Crimson reported in 1998 that she was the university’s only tenured minority as a “Native American.” When the report first came out, Warren claimed she was unaware as to why she was listed as a Native American.

Warren later spun it as claiming that there was “family lore” about her supposed Native American heritage. There were two main stories that she put forward about her Native American heritage:

  • Her “Aunt Bea” supposedly talked about her “pappaw”‘s “high cheekbones.”
  • There were family tensions due to her father’s family’s disapproval of her mother’s part-Cherokee and Delaware blood.

However, Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson dug into Warren’s stories and found no evidence to substantiate them.

10.  You supported Hillary Clinton, the biggest loser in the history of politics.


You blew it, democrats, and that is insanely embarrassing.  Trump got my vote, but even I can recognize that this should have been the easiest election of all time for Democrats to win.  Donald Trump gave you an unlimited pool of material that would’ve derailed any politicians campaign.  So what went wrong?  You idiots nominated the most unelectable, corrupt, evil politician you could find.  Hillary could have won if she offered something… anything at all to the working people – the voters who have seen their jobs sent overseas, the small business owners who have been taxed to hell and back by the Obama administration, the thousands of workers in the coal and oil industry who Hillary promised to “put out of work.”  These are the voters she not only failed to appeal to, but chose to demonize and label as racists, misogynists, xenophobes… the basket of deplorables.  To suggest that white people don’t also struggle is what drove struggling white people away from the Democratic party.  Hillary offered nothing new, she was running solely on the idea that she wasn’t Donald Trump, and that wasn’t nearly enough.  Americans were sick of the offended left, sick of the virtue signaling, sick of the anti-police rhetoric, sick of globalism, sick of illegal immigration, sick of safe space college brats, sick of feminists trying to tear down traditional family values.  The fact that Democrats are now doubling down on their regressive ideologies is what will get Donald Trump re-elected, and that’s fine with me.

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