The inevitably failing United Socialist Party that has been plaguing Venezuela for the last decade has just torn a page out of the Communist Manifesto by seizing the company’s means of production. During the latter years of said decade, the streets of Venezuela have been flooded with angry, starving citizens, frustrated with the failed economic system that was put in place by the late Hugo Chavez back in 2007. 

Breitbart: A court in the Zulia state said it imposed a broad embargo on the assets of General Motors Venezolana, C.A., or GMV, which has been in operation for nearly seven decades. GMV said authorities seized its plant Wednesday afternoon and that its associated bank accounts likely are also out of its control, meaning the company cannot make payments, such as employee wages.

Socialism has failed this country, just like every other country in the history of socialism. So how do they fix it? More socialism. Because that’s exactly what you want when you’re drowning — someone to show up in a boat and dump more water on you.

I’d say I find it baffling that governments are still trying to force socialism on their people, but I get it. Most people don’t understand economics, so they just believe what the politicians tell them. Socialism is nothing more than excessive power in the hands of the government, which is run by the politicians who get to make all the laws, and (under a socialist regime) control the means of production and distribute all the wealth according to what they arbitrarily determine to be our “fair share”. Sounds pretty good as long as you’re a politician. If everyone in the world took the time to read one book on economics, socialism would die. We’d look back and joke about the time we all thought that giving all of our money to the government would somehow make us more prosperous. We’d all say things like “remember when our government made it illegal for two consenting parties to enter into a mutually beneficial transaction and we thought that was a good thing?”, and “remember when it failed in every single economy where it was implemented AND WE KEPT TRYING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN?” We’d laugh ourselves insane. Not insane enough to believe in something as foolish as socialism, but we’d laugh as hard as those of us who understand basic economics laugh at you unenlightened Bernie Sanders/Hugo Chavez (they’re basically the same person) supporters.
I digress. Who knows why the failed Venezuelan government would pull a power move like seizing a private company, but maybe this will be a wake up call to private companies to not open up shop in socialist countries.

By: Dave Wilkins
Twitter: @davewilkins12